Inscryption Is Getting A Free Mini-Expansion

Inscryption: Kaycee's Mod will turn the Leshy's Cabin section of the game into an endless roguelike.


Unique roguelike deck-builder Inscryption, one of GameSpot's favorite PC exclusive games of 2021, is getting a free new mini-expansion called Inscryption: Kaycee's Mod. Inspired by feedback from players, the mod will expand on the first section of the game, turning Leshy's Cabin into an endless deck-building roguelike that will run as a standalone experience.

The expansion is currenly in beta, with developer Daniel Mullins calling for players to help test the brand-new game mode. If you want to help test the new game mode, or just want to check it out while still in beta, right-click Inscryption in Steam and enter the Properties menu, then find the Betas tab and use the code "givemeascensionmode". Kaycee's Mod can then be played by using the keyboard shortcut Shift+K+M on the start menu.

The full game of Inscryption contains three distinct game sections, each with its own take on the card game that's at the core of the gameplay. The mod takes just Leshy's section, and turns it into a mode that can be played endlessly, with the game becoming increasingly challenging as you go.

"Apply different skulls to your run to ascend the Challenge Levels," the expansion teaser reads. "Reaching new levels unlocks new cards, challenges, and dev logs inscribed by the late Kaycee Hobbes as she uncovered the secrets on the disk."

The new content added includes two new rare cards, two new items, a final encounter unlocked by clearing Challenge Level 12, and more dev logs from character Kaycee Hobbes.

For those who are just getting into Inscryption and aren't quite, check out GameSpot's beginner's guide to Inscryption.

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