Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Kills Classic Character [Spoilers]

There's a tragic death coming. Spoilers below. You've been warned.


The Injustice: Gods Among Us video game pitted DC Comics heroes against each other. Superman changed his outlook when Joker destroyed Metropolis with a nuclear blast and tricked Superman into killing Lois and their unborn child. Superman decided to rule with an iron fist. Batman and other heroes have fought Superman and his allies.

In this week's Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Chapter 23, the war is about to really hit home. The events here will have serious repercussions. We talked to writer Brian Buccellato about this death and what's coming up as the series approaches the video game's time period. There will be spoilers below.

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GameSpot: Where does Batman stand on his fight against Superman? Is he reconsidering his viewpoint?

Brian Buccellato: I don't think he's reconsidering so much as it's just a moment of doubt. I don't think he'd seriously reconsider it. Batman's been pretty clear on how he feels about what Superman and the Regime are doing. He has that very very distinct line he won't cross. I think it's more he's just showing a little bit of self doubt.

Is Alfred just stubborn by sticking around Wayne Manor despite the world knowing who Batman is?

Yeah. Who, in their right mind, would go after Alfred? I don't think anyone other than Superman or Zsasz or someone like that would try to go after him. Also, he's been around the block a lot. He can take care of himself. He's lived a long life, and he's not going to run. Alfred is the keeper of Wayne Manor. He ain't leaving. He's like the captain that goes down with the ship.

Here comes some spoilers. We get a pretty tragic moment in this chapter. What made you decide to use Mr. Zsasz and the killer in the story?

I think there was something sort of…messed up with Mr. Zsasz. He's someone who has no qualms about murdering. He's a serial killer. He's a horrible, horrible human being. For me, it was really about who would have no qualms doing it, and who would Superman go to to get it done? I think because Zsasz is so messed up and crazy, he could go to Zsasz and have him do it. Then he won't have to worry about any repercussions because at that point it'd be he said, she said if someone accuses him. Superman will just say, "Well, Zsasz is crazy. He's a killer. Why would I kill Alfred?" I think it's the smart play for Superman. He knows what Zsasz will do. He ends up telling him, "I want information from the Batcave. I want you to go to the Batcave. I'll tell you where it is. Find out where Batman is from Alfred." But we know Alfred's not going to give up the goods, and we know Zsasz is going to kill him for it. It just seems like the smart move by Superman.

How does it feel being responsible for Alfred's murder? Do you feel like a big jerk now?

I feel like a huge jerk. I feel like the biggest kind of jerk there is. I feel like a Superman-size jerk. When I thought of the idea for the storyline and how Alfred would pass, it opened up a lot of opportunities because he's all the family Bruce has. I felt like it'd be a great way to exploit a situation with Bruce that Clark faced. That's what started the entire Injustice universe. In doing so, it is kind of sad. I probably won't ever kill him again.

Will this story and the repercussions continue in the coming chapters?

Oh yeah. Obviously there's going to be ramifications. Batman is going to want to know who did it. Also, will he want revenge? That's the big question.

What more can you tease about the second half of this final series?

We're ramping up for the finale which gets us up to date. So for those who've played the video game and have gone through the story mode, you know where this comic book series ends. It's really about us just writing that ending, tying up a lot of loose ends, and going out with a bang. We know what happens. We know that…Earth Prime heroes end up in the Injustice universe. It's just a matter of how that happens. The track has been laid for me. Now it's a matter of getting all the pieces there in an interesting and exciting way.

Do you have the final chapter mapped out?

Yeah, we have the rest of the chapters mapped out. They're not all written, but they're definitely mapped out. I know what happens, and I know how it ends. Hopefully people will like it. Hopefully you'll like it.

You know what I would really like.

I told you, Dr. Guerrero died in the nuclear blast in Metropolis.

We never saw a body!

He was…vaporized. There's nothing to see.

It was a clone! He took a Kryptonite pill before the blast.

Maybe in a sequel game you'll see Dr. Guerrero. Maybe he'll be a playable character.

[Note: there are no plans for a sequel game or for Dr. Guerrero to appear anywhere.]

He should be. He'd be like the final boss.

[laughs] Yeah.

What's been your favorite or proudest moment so far?

Hmm, that's tough. I really enjoyed this prior year. I feel like there's been a lot of cool moments. I feel the proudest…it's not really a moment, but a proud thing for me in Injustice is in Year Five I've been able to focus on so many different characters and reflect on how they see Superman. One of the questions I've always had about the game is why are some of these heroes still following Superman? Why is Barry Allen on the side of the Regime? Why is Wonder Woman? Why are these characters doing this? It's given me the opportunity to answer some of these questions. I may not answer all of them, but I'm going to answer as many as I can. Getting into the psyche of these characters has been satisfying. As far as a proudest moment, it's definitely not killing Alfred. It might be my dealings with Harley. I really enjoyed writing her and the journey she's gone through. The psychiatrist scene is probably one of my favorites that I've written.

If you were in this world and had your awesome superpowers that you secretly have, whose side would you go on?

Batman without a doubt. I'm not a killer.

Just a killer with the ladies.

No. I'm not even a killer with the ladies. I'm a killer at…I don't know. I don't even have something I'm a killer at. I'm a killer at…pinochle.

Okay. Watch out Injustice world Superman if Brian challenges you to pinochle.

I'm gunning for you.

Here's some preview pages for the latest chapter:

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Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Chapter 23 is now on sale. You can purchase it digitally today via the DC Comics App,, iBooks,, Google Play, Kindle Store, Nook Store, and iVerse ComicsPlus.

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