Injustice 2 Microtransaction System Announced, Explained

It's not pay-to-win, NetherRealm says.


Like many other games, NetherRealm's fighting game Injustice 2 will have a microtransaction system. Writing on the game's forums (via DualShockers), NetherRealm confirmed that Injustice 2's currency is called Source Crystals. These are used to buy cosmetic, non-gaming-changing features.

"We value our community and want to be clear: you cannot 'pay to win' with Injustice 2," NetherRealm said. "Source Crystals can only be used to purchase cosmetic adjustments to your fighters, Premiere character Skins with no gameplay advantage, and various Shaders for character costumes."

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Injustice 2 also has a "Transform Gear" system that uses Source Crystals.

"Transform Gear allows you to apply the visuals of one piece of Gear to another piece. For example, if you have a piece of Gear with your perfect stat loadout but it doesn't have your perfect look, you can apply the visuals from one of your other pieces of Gear to it," the developer said. "After using Transform Gear, your Gear piece will have your preferred stats matched with your preferred visuals."

Character shaders let you change the look of your character's gear, while premiere skins go even further. "For example, you can change Supergirl into Powergirl, but the power and stats of the character are still based on Gear equipment that you've earned through playing the game," NetherRealm said.

As in other games, Injustice 2's microtransaction system lets you speed up progress.

"For example, once you level a character up to Level 20, you can use Source Crystals to level up other characters to 20. This is optional and won't affect gameplay or game progression," NetherRealm said.

Pricing for Injustice 2's Source Crystals will be announced later.

For more, you can read this detailed forum post.

In other news, the next Injustice 2 character will be announced next week. Injustice 2's roster already features a lot of famous DC heroes and villains, including Batman, Superman, Catwoman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Poison Ivy. You can see all of the game's confirmed characters here.

Injustice 2 launches for PS4 and Xbox One on May 16. In other news, an Injustice 2 mobile game has been announced. Additionally, NetherRealm recently discussed the game's gear system--read GameSpot's interview feature below to learn more about it.

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