Injustice 2 Getting Wonder Woman Movie Events And DLC

The fighting game is teaming up with the Gal Gadot movie.


Injustice 2

Injustice 2's console and mobile versions are getting special in-game events where players can unlock content based on the upcoming film Wonder Woman.

Now through June 5, those playing the console version of Injustice 2 can get the gear Wonder Woman wears in the film by participating in the multiverse event "To End All Wars."

For the mobile version of the game, players can get Wonder Woman cards based on the movie and the character's "full gear set" starting on May 30.

For more on the promotion, check out the gameplay video above.

Injustice 2 is available on PS4 and Xbox One, while the mobile edition is free (with microtransactions) on iOS and Android devices.

In other Injustice 2 news, NetherRealm recently released a trailer for the fighting game's DLC character, Red Hood--you can watch it here.

Injustice 2 launched earlier this month on PS4 and Xbox One. GameSpot's review scored the game a 9/10.

"NetherRealm has delivered a fighting game that can be enjoyed by new players and pros alike in ways that go beyond pure competition," review Peter Brown said. "It's a bar that every fighting game should meet, but one that has up until now seemed out of reach."

As for the Wonder Woman film, it stars Gal Gadot, and opens on June 2.

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