Injustice 2 Confirmed For Mobile By Ed Boon

A soft launch is already underway in the Philippines.


NetherRealm Studios creative director Ed Boon took to Twitter today to confirm the existence of a mobile adaptation of Injustice 2.

The previous game in the series, Injustice: Gods Among Us came with a companion app for iOS and Android, which allowed players to compete using a touch-based fighting system, an abstracted version of the system found in the main game.

TouchArcade reports that the Injustice 2 mobile game has already seen a soft-launch in the Philippines, and includes a heavily upgraded version of the swipe and tap-based combat of the original.

A tonne of new characters has been announced and showcased in trailers recently, check out our Injustice 2 page to see them for yourself.

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OLD NEWS. This was mentioned like 1-2 months ago. Google it.

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@PSYCHOV3N0M: I must have missed it back than

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Kinda sad, I had hoped they would have just morphed the first injustice mobile game into the "2nd". Looks like I'll treat it like MKX mobile... play it just to get the loot, and then be done.

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@Psyko_Tim: Hell no. Morphing the first game into the 2nd would've sucked. A new app keeps up with the latest mobile GPU chips.

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Ed and WB are gonna release this game on mobile? But not on PC? Crazy

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"A tonne of new characters has been announced and showcased in trailers recently"

Is this the British site now? "Tonne" is not American English Jason!

haha jk

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Switch version confirmed.

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Mobile is horrible for gaming. Terrible news.

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@edwardnygma: What did you dislike about the first Injustice mobile game?

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@7tizz: Cute you think that actually happens. Sure are a few in the sea but in general addictive mobile cake is a lie

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@7tizz: Yep :-)

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What about the vita? I'll buy another system if this gets released for it. I haven't owned a vita in almost 2 years

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@opt1mu5prime: The vita is pretty much dead unless you speak Japanese. I don't think sony will make another handheld either.

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Mobile gaming is the future.... you cant stop it you're to lazy stupid

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@The_Man_On_Fire: *throws a bucket of water on you* Stop that, nobody want's their house burned down.....

Mobile gaming is piss poor, even the most decent games are problematic at fallout Shelter, decent game in and of itself, the touch screen controls are too erratic, never predictable....meaning sometimes you try to activate something 50X then finally you get it, and sometimes you can do what you wanted first attempt....and really smartphones just suck for games no matter what they are...strategy blows, god games are bad, fighters are too simplistic, other games take advantage of you as a person and tend to be bad experiences....[the microtransaction filled sh**t shows]....if PC and consoles go away as gaming devices I quit being a gamer.....and believe me I could quit right now and not feel bad cus many books to read......and comics......I wub comics too.....

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@darthrevenx: Sounds like you're playing the wrong games. For sure there's a lot of game genres that don't translate over to mobile very well and developers should stop trying to fit square pegs into round holes. But there are plenty that fit the mold very nicely. For example, ever try Hearthstone on your device? It fits the platforms strengths, it's polished, and it's a legitimately great game.

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@LonelyStep: it's also an issue of screen size, I have a superior 33 inch HDTV compared to whatever the size my phone is......which is vastly smaller......

when you have to squint to see the details then the display isn't the best.....

I'm a console and PC gamer, not a mobile/handheld....I was around 16 when Gameboy came out even then I didn't see the point of it and felt the screen was too small and the green and black screen was a turn off.....I've even tried Gameboy Advance SP no less and even that I felt was too damn small.....

I emulated a few GBA games on PC and actually enjoyed em cus I was on a big screen...maybe i;m stupid but I prefer my large screens......