Infogrames to publish Sega games in Europe

Infogrames has announced the list of Sega that it will publish on the GameCube, GBA, and Xbox games in Europe.


Infogrames has revealed the list of games that it will publish as part of its recently announced Pan-European publishing with Sega of Europe. The company will publish Sega games such as Super Monkey Ball, Phantasy Star Online Version 2, and Virtua Striker 3 for the GameCube; Chu Chu Rocket, Sonic Advance, Puyo Puyo, and Advanced Columns for the GBA; and Gun Valkyrie, House of the Dead 3, Jet Set Radio Future, Sega GT2, a new Panzer Dragoon game, and others for the Xbox.

Sega recently signed a similar publishing deal with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, which will publish games such as Headhunter, two Space Channel 5 games, Ferrari 355, Rez, Ecco the Dolphin, and Virtua Fighter 4 in that territory.

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