Infogrames Testing New Packaging

The WizardWorks division will begin a trial run of a new, smaller box design.


Deer Hunter 4

Infogrames has announced that it will begin testing a smaller package size for its WizardWorks games. Deer Hunter 4 will be the first product to use the new package design, which is approximately the size of a VHS movie box. In addition to helping reduce the environmental impact of the material requirements, Infogrames believes the smaller size will help the company reduce the cost of packaging as well as help retailers optimize shelf and storage space.

Infogrames is the first company to announce a smaller package size since the Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association (IEMA) announced its efforts to set a smaller packaging standard for the industry almost four months ago. IEMA noted that a smaller package size would give smaller publishers greater visibility, rather than being squeezed off the shelves by bigger publishers.

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