Infogrames ships TransWorld Surf for the PlayStation 2

The PS2 version of the popular Xbox surfing game will arrive at retailers this week.


TransWorld Surf

Infogrames announced today that the PS2 version of TransWorld Surf will ship to retailers throughout the course of the week. The game is a reworked port of the Xbox launch title of the same name, and it features a new multiplayer game mode, a reworked control scheme, and an all-new location--the island of Todos Santos, off the coast of Mexico. The game will be released under Infogrames' recently established Atari imprint.

"TransWorld Surf immerses gamers in the most realistic surfing experience available on the PlayStation 2," said Jean-Philippe Agati, senior vice president and general manager of Infogrames' Los Angeles studio. "Featuring enhanced character models and animations, awesome water textures and wave physics, added gameplay features and living, breathing environments, TransWorld Surf will mesmerize gamers for hours on end!"

Both versions of TransWorld Surf were rated admirably by GameSpot, although some elements have been notably reworked for the PS2 version. Most specifically, the game's character models have been tweaked to look more cartoonish than realistic, and the game's learning curve has been lessened considerably. For more information on the game, refer to our coverage of the Xbox version and the upcoming Xbox version .

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