Infogrames reiterates Xbox support

The French publisher will release 20 Xbox games within the next 12 months.


Infogrames has reiterated its support for the Microsoft Xbox by announcing that it currently has 20 games in development for the console, to be released within the next 12 months. In fact, the company plans to have two games--NASCAR Heat 2002 and Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open--ready for the launch of the console on November 8.

"The technological power of Xbox has raised the bar for game developers, enabling our creative teams to push the envelope, and resulting in a new kind of entertainment experience for consumers,'' said Bruno Bonnell, chairman and CEO of Infogrames. "That Infogrames will be one of the largest third-party publishers of Xbox titles at the platform launch demonstrates that we share Microsoft's vision for the future of gaming. We believe future-generation platforms, such as Xbox, represent the next important chapter in gaming, driving both audience and industry growth.''

"Infogrames has a well earned reputation for developing high-quality games that have wide consumer appeal," said J Allard, general manager of Microsoft's Xbox division. "They have recognized and skillfully incorporated the technological innovations of Xbox to create an enhanced player experience with NASCAR Heat 2002 and Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open. We are very pleased with the relationship we have established with Infogrames and look forward to continue working with them on additional Xbox titles.''

Among Infogrames' upcoming Xbox games are Unreal Championship and games in the TransWorld extreme sports series.

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