Infogrames ready to ship first games under Atari brand

The first two games under the reinvented Atari brand will arrive at retailers soon.


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Infogrames has announced that it is set to ship its first two games under the reinvented Atari brand. The company's motocross game MXRider and its Sea-doo personal watercraft racing game Splashdown, both for the Sony PlayStation 2, will be sold under the Atari brand. MXRider will ship this week, while Splashdown will arrive the week of November 5.

"The Atari name is synonymous with only the best in video games,'' said Bruno Bonnell, chairman and CEO of Infogrames. "Splashdown and MXRider truly embody the spirit of the reinvented Atari with gameplay innovation and uniqueness, next-generation quality, and hours of addictive fun that will define genres. Atari is back--and in a big way!''

Infogrames acquired the Atari brand following its acquisition of Hasbro Interactive.

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