Infogrames announces Operation Blockade

This upcoming shooter from Infogrames will combine elements from arcade and military shooters.


Operation Blockade

Infogrames has announced Operation Blockade, an arcade-style shooter that takes place just after the Great War. Players will assume the role of a character who must parachute on to a tiny island to keep enemy supply and troop transports from invading their country. The weapons in the game will be specific to the time period it is set in. Operation Blockade will also feature cooperative and single-player campaigns.

"By enabling players to jump quickly into the action without needing to become tactical geniuses, we've availed our games to a much wider mainstream audience,'' said Dennis Davidson, marketing manager of Infogrames' Minneapolis label. "By maintaining military authenticity, we simultaneously broaden that reach to the dedicated player as well."

The game is scheduled for release this spring.

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