Infinity Ward renews contract, teases 'unique new IP'

Call of Duty 4 cadre reveals "renegotiated deal" with Activision, says super-secret project is in the works.


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This time last year, the thought of a wholly owned developer splitting off from its parent company was unthinkable. Then, Bungie Studios stunned the industry by doing just that, amicably parting with owner Microsoft after generating over $1 billion with the Xbox and Xbox 360's flagship Halo franchise.

With the Bungie precedent hanging in the background, it appears another top-tier studio has also sat down at the table with its corporate overlord--and chosen to stay put. Late last week, Infinity Ward director of communications Robert Bowling quietly posted an update on the Web site saying "we have decided to re-up on our contract with Activision publishing" following a "recently renegotiated deal."

Perhaps more excitingly, the community manager also used the post to reveal the new agreement with Activision "has laid the groundwork and kick started our future project, as well as the possibility of a unique new IP by Infinity Ward that we'll have complete control over." (Emphasis added.) Bowling went on to say "We're excited to be working on our next project, but it's going to be quite a while before I can share any details on exactly what that project is."

Indeed, Activision had good reason to hash out a favorable arrangement with Infinity Ward, which won numerous awards for its latest effort, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Besides frequently being the most popular game on Xbox Live, the title was also last year's top cross-platform title, moving over 10 million copies as of last month. According to industry research firm the NPD Group, it is the eighth best-selling video game in US history.

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Mr_Manikin52, that's treyarch's new job. =D

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@sirkibble2: I agree with you on that one m8te ;)

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too bad Infinity Ward screwed DLC on COD4,now with this new "project" you can say goodbye to new maps or anything else for that matter.

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It's a shame treyarch will probably ruin all of their success with COD5.

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COD4 is my favorite game!!!

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When will Infinity Ward make games set in "Cold War" hot spots like Korea and Vietnam? I'm so tried for WWII that I also want a WWI game with the poison gas and trench warfare.

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Well, if Infinity Ward will have complete control over there upcoming game, they certainly have nothing to worry about and could renew their contract with ease of mind.

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How about COD: Future Warfare?? Like actual future warfare, not modern warfare with a "battlefield 2142" on the front of the box...and I definitely agree that the COD AI really gets old shooting a guy in the same spot over and over until I move up 2 steps...

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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CoD5 will be awesome even the plot is WW2, if IW will be the Developer. Treyarch also made a good CoD3 back there but not awesome as IW.

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cod 5 is waste of money you got re cod 4 in old taste

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Im playing COD4 till COD6 comes out I will, however, give COD5 demo a chance

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CoD5 will be awesome

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As long as they companies make COD6..make it s**** all over COD5 and sort out the americans stealing host BS i dont care what "secret project" they have goin

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Well, there goes any predictions of CoD6 in 2009.

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biggy ur so dumb. Activision and IW both made call of duty 4 so......... ur dumb.

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hey BIGGY, Treyarch is the reason Cod3 sucked, Infinity Ward didnt do that, that was the only onw they didnt do, IW did all the others, thats why everyone loved COd2, and now cod4

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Call of Duty 5 is the last Treyarch game for CoD, then its all Infinity Ward from there, but Call of Duty 6 is the sequel to CoD4MW

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ah man infinity ward gets a new ip...hopefully they can do better than cod3... If COD=Made by IW-> COD=suckage; If COD=Made by ACTV-> COD=PwnAgE;

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I think the top secret project is cod 5, which will have online and offline multiplayer on wii hahaha

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This could be some great new stuff that we will love, or it could go completely in the other direction. I just hope and want it to be great news.

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All I'm asking for is AI. COD games have none.

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whatever they are gonna do is going to be great!

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hopefully the next IP is quality and excellence... CoD4 is a good game, but it was not by any means on my top ten list.... I hope to see something fresh and truly "unique" as they claim....

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i hope they have a really new idea because CoD World at War is gonna play like CoD4 and i hope 007 Quantum of Solace plays similar to CoD (just with cover system and takedowns etc), i have faith in infinity ward though to give us something a bit different and awsome.

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hopefully they will make a series of modern warfare style game :D

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man this is great news. i wonder what they are working on.

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make sure to have full fledged ragdoll physics this time, Infinity!

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Cod future style. Just like cod 4 but with laser guns and maybe a saber knife. That would be kick.

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Please don't make a sci-fi. :(

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Yea, keep me interested.

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Whatever that game is, i have a strong feeling its gonna be fps.Oh its getting kinda boring...

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Infinity Award made an awesome game in COD4, but it is no given they will have repeat success in a new game, unless its COD5 with another name.

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You are wrong to hodges_3_5, Infinity ward has nothing to do with cod world at war. Nor did they have anything to do with Cod 3.

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Yo BIGDAVEYDOGZ, They are doing a new COD World at War, and a new IP soo, maybe you should read up before just yelling wrong answers yea?

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direkt57 i was kidding of course IW wouldnt make MGS5 you're an idiot for thinking i was serious. on that note its actually FFXIV or maybe its a fighting game with COD characters vs Halo characters or maybe its a new IP.

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When it comes to first person military shooters, there isn't a better developer out there than Infinity Ward. They're really talented. I trust their new IP is going to be really good.

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Infinity Ward is a great developer; I wonder what the new IP could be.

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Being myself a cod4 player, I sometimes fail to understand how the game's single player (the multi is great, i must admit) could have won any awards. There isnt any AI whatsoever in that game. We're talking about memorizing maps to eventually succeed. Veteran diff is insanely hard, but not because enemies outwit you. Simply because all of them are crackshots that nearly never miss any shots and there being additionnal enemies compared to Hardened. If I wanted to memorize maps to finish a game, I'd play NES or SNES games... I EXPECT these old classics not to have AI, not a critically acclaimed game released in late 2007. The Single player mode of COD4 makes me think of a COD2 mod, nothing else.

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cotterell55 says "God I hate EA (just thought id let you all know) right im off to play bad company lol" must be confused!!!

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Well I hope that they've renegotiated their contracts on favourable terms for them because they're one of the best developers out there - they deserve to be supported. Also pretty keen to see some new IPs - getting a little sick of Blizzard killing all their main characters or turning them evil!

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Did half of you read the article? They said a "UNIQUE NEW IP" which means....NOT ANOTHER CALL OF DUTY!!!

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Just give us some new COD4 maps for now, they are easier to make and its like printing money if you look at the last download numbers. Or how about one free map since Killhouse stunk.

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Infinity Ward is one of the most talented group of developers, this is great news.

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Good for them. They deserve it.

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Its probably going to be a game that just plays like CoD just called something else and it will be sci-fi. But that would be interesting!

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Good Good another worth while developer still pumping out games

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Its good that they start off with activision...

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let me geuss, its not for the wii (the new IP) correct.