Infinity Ward crafting next-gen Call of Duty?

Original Call of Duty studio looking for senior animator with "an interest in working with next-generation technologies."


In October, a job listing at Call of Duty studio Treyarch indicated that the developer was readying a next-generation entry in the shooter franchise. Now, it appears Infinity Ward is also preparing a next-generation Call of Duty game.

It appears Infinity Ward is taking Call of Duty to the next generation.
It appears Infinity Ward is taking Call of Duty to the next generation.

A requisition for a senior animator at Infinity Ward calls for a person with "an interest in working with next-generation technologies."

Unfortunately, the job listing does not offer any additional information about what Infinity Ward may be at work on. As for what next-generation technologies could pertain to, there are numerous possibilities. At the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Activision pledged its support for Nintendo's Wii U, and rumors are swirling that Microsoft and Sony are readying new consoles.

If Infinity Ward is indeed at work on a next-generation Call of Duty title, it won't be the only project the studio is crafting. Last week, Activision announced the Modern Warfare 3 content season, and it named Infinity Ward, Raven Software, and Sledgehammer Games as developers for the barrage of game updates planned over the next nine months.

A new Call of Duty game has been confirmed for release in 2012, but Activision has yet to name this title or mention what developer(s) are working on it. That game has no release date yet, but Call of Duty has had new installments debut between late October and mid-November every year since the franchise was launched in 2003.

As of press time, Activision had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment.

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True, i agree that the Modern Warfare series is pretty much dead, I can only think of about 2 or 3 ways to bring it back with a new addition to the series. But I really do not like this futuristic crap with black ops 2. I've been playing it and it is simply lacking the reality and liveliness of the Modern Warfare series. But I am very interested to see what infinity ward will do next. Better be something amazing because the Call of Duties have been getting progresively worse and worse.

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With Black Ops 2 being based in the future, a new Modern Warfare would just seem pointless as one of its main features is the use of technology and clearly the future has better technology. Not to mention that in the campaign you finally kill Makarov so that would suggest (and it certainly seemed like) the climax and the end of the Modern Warfare series. The best idea for Infinity Ward is to go somewhere completely new and start off a new series and focus on story line and gameplay rather than technology and the same old stuff that we are now used to with the Modern Warfare series.

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Although it is most probable that a new Call of Duty series other than Black Ops and Modern Warfare will emerge, it is not a certainty. The game developers could very well keep Modern Warfare going as there are still many possibilities for the series. So, technically, we wont know for certain until 2013 when they launch the new Call of Duty as they have followed the pattern of Modern Warfare, other Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare and so on. The Call of Duty Modern Warfare series is far from "dead and gone" to put it in your own words.

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I guess in a sense you are right singaporesam, but I am just trying to find some hope for the game developers to bring back my favourite character "Soap", even though he is dead... They made Woods from Black Ops 2 come back, they should be able to do it for "Soap"

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I guess in a sense you are right singaporesam, but I am just hoping that there is some hope for seing "Soap" again.

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Thank you so much ryukoken6791, (no sarcasm). I am also one that hates the hype with Multiplayer, it just isn't as fun as the campaign and in Modern Warfare Spec Ops. I agree that The Call of Duty game makers should focus on the campaign more, instead of 15 levels, make it 30 or 45, and more spec ops, I absolutely love them. Forget the Multiplayer

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I absolutely loved the Modern Warfare franchise, even though Modern Warfare 3 had a great story mode and was over-all great, I don't see how they could possibly make another Modern Warfare, which makes me sad beyond belief. Captain John MacTavish was my favourite character, and when they killed him off, I almost lost hope for Modern Warfare, but I think after 2012's Call of Duty, newly announced as Black Ops 2 , Infinity Ward will have to make a Modern Warfare 4 and I hope that somehow, I don't care how, but Captain MacTavish must be in it, it would be awesome if he was still alive and I think a lot of people think the same thing.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm not so sure about that because i love the modern warfare series too but if they make another sequel they may start to ruin it ( just like so many good i.p. that get over made). And mw3 had a awesome ending.

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@ekalbtwin Glad you had a laugh. Didn't think people would read all the way through.

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You know One reason I bought my 360 was cuz of CoD 2. an amazing game! Then CODMW came out... not bad... was good, then CODMW2... was just ok... but they left the story mode unfinished.. MW3 at least finished the story.. For me, I stopped playing all the online crap. and I have a major problem with gaming now days that they focus to much on online gaimg while letting single player campaigns crumble to dust... If I wanted to play with other people or talk to them I would be hanging out with them... What I wish is that they would spend more time on making a great single player game.. and then spend time adding a good MP aspect to it. Lets take COD, COD2, the single player was amazing... MW1 was amazing, MW2 was good, but MP got more of the work, MW3.. story was mediocre, and I didnt bother with MP because honestly I dont care for MP much anymore. Lets take Bioware... ME1, stunning game, Dragons Age 1 great game, EA bought them and ME2, less rpg more third person shooter, Dragons age 2... horrible game, Now ME 3 is coming out, real melee is now added, multiplayer is also added... Since when do rpgs require MP? I'll tell you, since EA frelled it up and made it a shooter instead of an rpg... Multiplayer is ruining gaming...

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MORE COD? Come on really... let it go people. Let... It... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo...

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What happens when you milk something too much? It dies! Just like Guitar hero did. COD have gotten rubbish, i played MW3 and i just didn't like it!!! It has nothing new and all the bugs in the last game are still there..e.g spawn killing. Think its time for C.O.D to take a year or two off at least till the new playstation and xbox is out.

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I have vowed to never buy another CoD game again. My friend got me with MW3, but I seriously regret buying that unbalanced, stupid, piece of crap FPS.

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Spend A Good Few Years On It And Ill Consider Buying It I Stopped At Black Ops Was A Hardcore C.O.D Fan But Ive Changed To Battlefield Way More Graphical,Realistic,Bigger Maps,Vehicles And A Way Better Engine I Will Probably Get loads C.O.D Fans Abuse But I Dont Care I Know Battlefield Better C.O.D Players Dont Want To Change Because They Know You Have To Be 100x More Skillfull,Keep Wasting Your Dosh On C.O.D.

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Respawn Entertainment = Death of COD

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@cubachino lol you forgot to include the release dates for each of those CoD games and how they will all be on store shelves before the end of 2014!

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@sexyweapons invalid. Since when any FPS series changes any formula? Look at BF3. the engine changes. The formula does not.

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There is still hope. Infinity Ward/Treyarch has the talent. Its activison that makes the whole series to be milked. The devs have no rights to release the game rigth? So lets just say if Activision gonna spend millions to develop a new engine for IW/Tre , then thats a good news for everyone. COD is not a bad game, but milking them makes them the most hated game series right now

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All right another COD game! I can't wait to spend another $60 dollars for that new gun that could have already been in the previous game, and the minimally improved graphics and game play and lets not forget those long 5 hours single player campaigns. Yippee! People like to say that Nintendo rehashes their franchises but when you do the math it's obvious that COD is well on it's way to being one of the most rehashed games of all time My prediction for COD 2012 and beyond - COD Green Beret then COD Modern Warfare 4 then COD Armed Forces then COD Modern Warfare 5 then COD Navy Seals then COD Modern Warfare 6 then COD Ghost Recon then Cod Modern Warfare 7 then COD Secret Agent then COD Modern Warfare 8 then COD Blue Ball Ops then COD Modern Warfare 9 then COD (Insert anything relating to military here) then Modern Warfare 10 then well you get the picture.

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after cod4, it got kinda bleh, i'd rather have a new franchise completely (not saying activision should make it either) that incorporates the best FROM the best (advanced leveling, active reloads, longer campaigns, and a balanced system YOU DON'T PAY FOR!!!!!!!!)

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in my opinion, the best cod war cod 4, the first modern warfare.

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mash potato's are old now!!!

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@junglist101 No offense, but you sound quite like a Roblox player.

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@ChaosUndivided And teachers still know nothing about computers and ask the students...

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What? Developers are working on next gen games? So now we know that there will be games for next gen consoles and they won't just be used to play Youtube vids? Whew, what a relief. For a second there, I was really worried. Thanks for the breaking news.

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just as i thought, first the past, then the present, then the future . i would only play this game for campaign, which is the best part of cod games.but this time lets hope they make things a lot better

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who cares? cod4 was the best.... then years past and nothing new came out. until battlefield 3. these two have changed the landscape.

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unless they dont add skydiving, helicopters, tanks, boats, jets, and jeeps. along with maps the size of liberty city and destructible cover..... im not interested.

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OMG they teamed up with M. Night Shyamalan, they are throwing in an obvious twist with every new game. Wait....wait false alarm, theres nothing new in here, and no twist all the same boring crap

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I don't need another COD soooo.......... KILL THAT MAN!!!!!!!

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Activision just needs help to port their current engine to the new consoles, that's probably it.....

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Anyone who still buys call of duty is probably a noob that just started the series when mw2 came out. Stop buying this game so they have to make it better, noobs.

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@ChaosUndivided God I loved playing Unreal T2 in my computer classes when the teachers left, or during lunch. My friends and I would always sneak into the computer labs and download copies of Half-Life, Counterstrike, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and occasional we'd run Garry's mod, from our flash drives and have a blast. I still think LAN parties are way more fun than multiplayer sessions. It's just your friends, you, and an hour to kill.

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All right, let me put it to GS softly. It would be news if IW ISN'T making another CoD game. Then really isn't the IW we all knew and loved.....back when CoD wasn't the "big" thing. When Highschoolers from across america were talking about other good games other than CoD. Oh hhow the times have changed.

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ah who cares.

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c o c k of duty modern gy fk stupid 5.

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I don't care what people say the First Call of duty was amazing compared to other FPS available at the time. Yes it is stale now but it was once revolutionary.

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@dxBIGBOSSxb Half-Life, Quake2 and Unreal/Tournament all great but Half-life being the better game. These were the games we played in High School secrectly installing them in all the rooms so we can play Deathmatch while in different classes. This was before the days of mobile phones when teachers new nothing about computers and usually asked the students.

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Next gen CoD...that is impossible CoD is the most stagnant franchises i have ever seen in my life Call of duty 1-3 WW2 (same thing) call of duty 4-8 were also the same thing...with minute changes...thumbing this down is a sign of denial CoD fans don't be pissed at the truth and realized you spent money on the same thing each year only because you knew everyone else would so you had to keep up.... P.S halo is the same way....ya (in fact most FPS franchises that release multiple sequels are the same, especially if they go past the 3rd or 4th sequel). It is funny to watch people waste their money though so i won't involve my self in trying to change things.

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Call of Duty: SSDD

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They make money because of one reasn only. Teens have small brains and they come in millions. If they wouldn't have right to buy at all, such crap couldn't be pulled off with decent people.

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Funny and sad how people hate success soo much they ridecule it. Has Call of Duty reached its peak? Yeah probably, but its not the most widely played 1st person shooter in the world because it sucks. Get over yourselves, you pompous dinks. The only crime here is that IW doesn't address and fix it's current issues, it only produces more with every release.

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this is going to be another billion dollar mony maker for the 4th time.

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Call of Duty: Future "Money maker"........oh i mean "warfare"

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The won't be using the same engine this time around.

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This is a great chance to get some new ideas and start creating something new and different than COD.

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"Next-Gen" Call of Duty? They sure seem confident in themselves.

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This would be no surprise for any of the yet to be released consoles. As we are aware it takes 5-6 years worth of blood sweat and tears for some of these games to finalize in development, giving developers plenty of time with the hardware. What is a little shocking is that they're just now recruiting for it! Wouldn't that mean the game is at least 3 years away? Unless they just port over the old COD engine and throw on a new coat of paint. Hopefully they don't, but hey, Activision has been known to milk a franchise.

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if you polish a turd, it's still a turd