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Infinity War Director Explains Why Thanos Didn't Double The Universe's Resources

"He's not a stable--although he appears stable at times--he is not a stable individual."


The final moments of Avengers: Infinity War were shocking and emotional for the characters on the screen and those watching in the theater. It left a lot of us with questions about the antagonist's decisions, which rocked the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, thanks to the audio commentary track for the movie, fans have some answers they've been searching for. Warning: Avengers: Infinity War spoilers ahead.

As a quick refresher, towards the end of film, Thanos had collected all the Infinity Stones and then used the power to eliminate half the sentient life in the universe. This included many of the Avengers. During the audio commentary for the movie, director Joe Russo shed some insight on why Thanos didn't just double the resources rather than killing everyone.

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"People have asked us why Thanos didn't just use the Stones to double the resources in the universe," Russo said. "Clearly, he is not... he was told 'no' to an idea that he had, that he felt was the only solution, and then was proved right to himself when that solution was not acted upon. So his messianic complex, he is now committed to following through on the idea he had many, many years ago. He's not a stable--although he appears stable at times--he is not a stable individual."

That's not the only thing the audio commentary taught us about the movie. Screenwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus skipped over Thanos getting the Power Stone from Xandar to avoid repetition in storytelling. Additionally, we learned about Sir Kenneth Branagh's cameo early on in the film.

Infinity War is available digitally now, and it will get a physical release on Tuesday, August 14. The movie has a ton of special features, and if you're looking for all the spoilers, find out what we learned from the home release special features and the audio commentary.

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