Infestation: Survivor Stories passes 1 million users

Zombie survival game formerly known as The War Z sees 1.3 million registered players; more than 100,000 players log in daily.


Controversial zombie game Infestation: Survivor Stories, formerly known as The War Z, has surpassed 1.3 million registered users worldwide, publisher OP Productions announced today.

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The publisher also released a series of statistics about the game today. More than 400,000 players log in per month, while more than 100,000 play the game daily. The average user has spent more than 95 hours in the game, OP Productions said.

In all, players have created more than 51 million characters to date and killed more than 2 billion zombies.

In a statement, executive producer Sergey Titov said developer Hammerpoint Interactive will listen to community feedback and incorporate these ideas and suggestions into additional add-on content, due for release this summer.

The game launched on Steam in December and was pulled just a day after release, after users reported numerous issues. Valve called its decision to originally publish the game a "mistake." The game was reinstated on Steam in late February.

Its forums and databases were hacked in April, though no payment information was compromised. Prior to the game's release, Titov called spawn campers "f**gots." The game's press team called his comments a "poor and inappropriate choice of words."

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