Infamous Spider-Man 3 Dance Is Back In Destiny 2 For Free This Week

You should get this because Spider-Man 3 is good, actually.


It's the last week of the Season of the Lost in Destiny 2, as well as the last week of Bungie's 30th Anniversary celebration. As if it means to give this extra-long season a proper send-off before the launch of The Witch Queen expansion, Bungie has brought back one of its best emotes to the Eververse Store and essentially offers it for free.

I'm talking, of course, about that weird dance Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker does on the street in Spider-Man 3.

The emote "Too Cool Dance" is back in the store's Bright Dust offering this week, although it's hidden on the Bright Dust page rather than being right up front when you enter the menu. The dance allows your character kind of just vibes for a minute. Yeah, like, give a clap to the air, shake your hips. Music is an unnecessary addition to this emote. You can do this walking down the street.

While the dance first popped up in Destiny 2's Eververse Store as part of the 30th Anniversary content in Destiny 2 back in December, it's worth your attention this week because you can snag it for 700 Bright Dust, the in-game currency you earn just by playing Destiny 2. What's more, this is the final week in which Bungie is dishing out a free Bright Dust gift as part of the anniversary celebration, which you can grab from the Eververse Store. Serendipitously, the final gift is exactly 700 Bright Dust.

The little dance you're seeing here found a home as a GIF on the internet over the years, and while it has been adjusted some in Destiny 2 (presumably because its origins have been lost for a few centuries in the game's universe), we know its origins: director Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3. This is the infamous dance Peter Parker did once he'd gained a confidence boost from his new black Spider-Man suit--before he'd come to realize that it was an angry symbiotic alien life form changing his personality for the worse.

Having recently rewatched Spider-Man 3 as part of a full Spider-movie revisitation, I can say that this moment in the movie is, in fact, excellent. Tobey Maguire's rendition of Peter Parker is brutally uncool, which already leads to a lot of fun moments for the character across three movies, and portraying his confidence boost in an incredibly uncool way is hilarious. Spider-Man 3 might have its problems, but the Evil Spider-Man Dance absolutely is not one of them.

Now's your chance to be as cool as the uncoolest Spider-Man ever.

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