Infamous sells 1.2 million

Sony and Sucker Punch's acclaimed open-world action adventure now sporting new $40 price point; free Gigawatt Blades DLC on Dec. 10.


For being one of the highest rated games in 2009, Infamous made only a respectable start upon its May launch. The PlayStation 3-exclusive from Sly Cooper developer Sucker Punch managed more than 350,000 units in the US at retail during its first two months on the market, according to the NPD Group. This week, Sony provided an update on the game's sales figures, saying Infamous has now sold more than 1.2 million units worldwide.

Sucker Punch claims the Gigawatt Blades cause
Sucker Punch claims the Gigawatt Blades cause "massive damage."

Word of the sales milestone comes as part of Sony's announcement that it has lowered the suggested retail price of the game to $39.99. The publisher also announced that protagonist Cole's Gigawatt Blades superpower, which had previously been offered as a preorder incentive, would be available to all gamers free of charge beginning December 10. Billed as the most potent melee attack in the game, the Gigawatt Blades also consume a substantial amount of energy.

An open-world action adventure, Infamous presents the story of Cole, a normal guy turned electricity-wielding mutant who must reconcile the responsibility of doing good with the sheer enjoyment of being evil. That choice, of course, will be left for the individual to make, as Infamous' open-world nature lets gamers either save the fictional Empire City's denizens or whimsically wreak wanton carnage.

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