Infamous: Second Son's hotline number works in real life

PlayStation 4 exclusive lets you listen to a recording from the game's villain on your phone.


One of the refrains in Infamous: Second Son is that conduits--people with superpowers--are a dangerous menace that must be stopped. Citizen are urged to do their part in ensuring the streets of Seattle remain safe, and you see how willingly they form protest rallies or shout out to police units to turn in undesirables. Now you have the chance to do your part to help the government lock up bio-terrorists.

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There are billboards in Seattle that ask people to "cooperate." A phone number resides under that no-nonsense command, and the protagonist Delsin Rowe does call that number while causing hijinks in the open world. The tip hotline isn't just for digital denizens, though. If you call 1-844-HELP-DUP, you can hear a prerecorded message that furthers the narrative of Second Son.

A man answers your call stating, "Thank you for calling the Department of Unified Protection. Please stay on the line for an important message from our director, Brooke Augustine." And then you hear Augustine, the villain in Second Son, spout propaganda about those who have the genetic makeup to consume the energies of other people and use them to cause havoc. She references Cole McGrath, the star of the first two Infamous games, and points out that you could be a bio-terrorist, even if you don't realize it.

To hear the entire recording, call 1-844-HELP-DUP. Infamous: Second Son is out on PlayStation 4 today. Read our full review here.

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