Infamous: Second Son launching February 2014

Sucker Punch's PlayStation 4-exclusive releasing early next year, developer confirms.


PlayStation 4-exclusive Infamous: Second Son, developed by Sly Cooper studio Sucker Punch, will be released in February 2014. A studio representative confirmed the release date with Polygon.

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Infamous: Second Son was announced during the PS4's unveiling event in New York City on February 20.

The game, set in Seattle, takes place seven years after the events of Infamous 2 and follows the story of new protagonist Delsin Rowe, a 24-year-old with special abilities.

Infamous: Second Son is the third main entry in the series, following 2009's original Infamous and 2011's Infamous 2. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Avatar image for TransvormerSCol

Weren't the release of this game the same as PS4 launch date? Looks like no longer.

Avatar image for shikako

I have a question off-topic... Can the game running on the highest settings in ps4 and any game?

Avatar image for DiscGuru101

This was the only tempting game for me in the PS4 launch window.

Avatar image for CTR360

great news i cant wait for infamous second son

Avatar image for jtthegame316

not a fan of imfamous anyway but what is actually going to come out with the ps 4? by the sounds not many of the games sony have been trying to push

Avatar image for DiscGuru101

@jtthegame316 It's starting to look the Vita launch. Oh you don't remember it? Neither does anyone else.

Avatar image for Simulator_Shock

@AggrandizedUser Who?

Avatar image for jsmoke03

i cant wait. this is the first game im really excited for

Avatar image for santinegrete

Cool, I didn't expected it that soon. If Infamous 2 was a better game I'd be really pumped to get this.

Avatar image for BadMrSnake

Is that a guy or a girl?

Avatar image for wkeutsch14

@BadMrSnake Its a girl, watch the "Fetch Trailer" and you'll see

Avatar image for FULGOREY2K

@BadMrSnake in this society, they are equal. so its genderless XD

Avatar image for Ovirew

Awesome! That's even better than the March 2014 release I was expecting.

Avatar image for Ovirew

@AggrandizedUser She is? Well crap. The game will probably just get even more political then...

Avatar image for ghost590

and ill be buying a ps4 that day

Avatar image for brothersinarmsb

Second son what a name.

Avatar image for krystyla

@brothersinarmsb in infamous kesslers organization was called first sons

Avatar image for maitkarro

@brothersinarmsb Well at least it gets the point across.

Avatar image for Sohereiam

I played both Infamous and I like both, but my favorite is the first, hope this one gives me the same feeling of the first.

Avatar image for j_kizi

gonna pick this up next summer when i buy a ps4, along with killzone, witcher 3 and hopefully the order 1886. I pray dark souls 2 will be on ps4 aslo.....

Avatar image for Jasurim

I can't wait for this! :D

Avatar image for Dictatroll

I just can't wait for news about Naughty dog's next game!...hopefully it's Jak 4.

Avatar image for ghost590

@Dictatroll no no jak 4, jak ended with jak 3

Avatar image for Dictatroll

Why isn't there Xbots in here?...weird.

Avatar image for jtthegame316

@Dictatroll because its sony fanboys that troll xbox stoies not the other way round. i am not a fanboy of any i have xbox 360 and ps 3 and just am a game fan and have seen for my self on the internet that it is sony fans doing all the trolling and petite name calling like you have just done calling people an xbot.

Avatar image for slainta

@Dictatroll Summer holidays are over. They are all back at kindergarden.

Avatar image for jtthegame316

@slainta @Dictatroll hmm now whos the one behaving like there in kindergarden seems like sony fanboys like yourslef are to me.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@slainta @Dictatroll but Acekidder said he was a father of... **** that, I know he's lying.

Avatar image for Dictatroll

The first time i played Infamous 2 i thought the games is gonna feel floaty it's going to feel just like how spiderman moves and such, but i played it and it was superb fun and it felt just right, then after i played Infamous 1 and festival of blood.

Avatar image for BFKZ

man screw this, iam going to play the last of us again.

Avatar image for Dictatroll

@BFKZ I've played it a million time now.And still didn't play MP, i heard it's great.

Avatar image for jecomans

@Dictatroll I turned on the multiplayer after my first play through, and almost got to the part where I joined a game before realizing I that I should just play the game again. Still haven't gone back, but I've heard it's very good.

Avatar image for BFKZ

@Dictatroll man i went on a real feels trip around the end of the game...pure masterpiece.

Avatar image for d3nR

I hope they make a notoriety meter so that the more damage you do the more police pops up.

Avatar image for TenraiSenshi

Well, that's a nice early release into the lifespan of the PS4. I'm looking forward to this game, having played the first two.

Avatar image for meedokicky

@Gatts1978 parkour, open world, super powers, wonderful graphics... what is not to love? :P

Avatar image for meedokicky

My most anticipated game on PS4! but I will probably not buy a PS4 that soon, I wanna wait and see if the console has hardware failures. also because there is still too much to play on PS3.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@meedokicky wise choice.

Avatar image for meedokicky

@santinegrete @meedokicky thanks, I just saw that their slim models are usually less problematic.

Avatar image for Primeyuri

sooner than i thought. februari PS4 time I guess.

Avatar image for SkyDazzleDash

Am I the only one that notices the extra 5 minutes of blackness?

Avatar image for barrica

@SkyDazzleDash i noticed, so i decided to read the coments to see if i could find a coment mentioning it lol.

Avatar image for KingofCabal

This game looks like it was made for 15 year old emo kids......I guess it probably was.

Avatar image for Skat0rzZzz

@KingofCabal Are you talking about the new DMC?

Avatar image for nishanth12

Cooooool gonna get it day one