Infamous golden

Sucker Punch Productions wraps up development on its open-world, open-morality, sandbox-action PS3 exclusive; demo due on PSN May 21, game May 26.


Although Sucker Punch Productions developed the 1999 cult-favorite Nintendo 64 game Rocket: Robot on Wheels, the developers has since been synonymous with Sony's Sly Cooper series. That could change soon; the studio and Sony have announced that the studio's next project, the open-world PlayStation 3 action game Infamous, has gone gold.

Apparently this Cole chose to be evil.
Apparently this Cole chose to be evil.

Infamous represents a dramatic departure from Sucker Punch's previous work, which was cartoonlike and family-friendly. The game casts players in the role of Cole, a college dropout who gains superpowers after mysteriously surviving a massive explosion in downtown Empire City. Imbued with electrical powers, Cole is free to use his powers for good or evil, with the game designed around a morality system to give players a choice in the matter.

Sony has confirmed a May 26 release date for Infamous, although eager PS3 owners won't have to wait that long to get their hands on it. A demo for the game will be available from the PlayStation Network on May 21, and customers who preorder the game from participating retailers will be able to download the trial starting on May 7.

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