Infamous dev working on new PS3 title

Following the release of Infamous 2, Sucker Punch is looking for a senior producer to work on a new project for Sony's console.


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Smack-dab in the middle of the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo two weeks ago, Sony shipped Infamous 2. The PlayStation 3 exclusive debuted to decent reviews, although it's still too early to gauge its popular reception.

Could Infamous 3 already be in the works?
Could Infamous 3 already be in the works?

However Infamous 2 does at retail, its developer isn't missing a beat. Suburban Seattle-based Sucker Punch has already posted a job listing on Gamasutra seeking a senior producer for its next project, which will also be on the PS3.

Specifically, candidates must have five-plus years of experience in the game industry, have been a producer on at least one AAA game, and have a "passion for console games."

As of press time, Sony Computer Entertainment America representatives had not commented on what Sucker Punch's new project might be--including the possibility it is Infamous 3.

Infamous 2 sees series hero/antihero Cole McGrath leave the metropolis of Empire City and travel to New Marais, a city based on New Orleans. Along the way, he faces a similar narrative duality as in the first game, choosing to either help or hinder humankind. Once he arrives at his destination, he must confront a menacing entity simply called "the Beast."

For more on Infamous 2, read GameSpot's full review, or watch the video review below.

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