Infamous 2 user-made mission beta detailed

Test period for Sucker Punch's create-a-level tool begins April 12; official site now accepting applications from US residents.


When Infamous 2 launches June 7, it will do so with an assortment of user-made missions culled from a beta-test period. Today, developer Sucker Punch detailed the beta and explained how PS3 gamers can be a part of the test and get their own levels featured at launch.

Infamous 2's mission creator will let players dictate types of enemies, placement, and AI priorities.
Infamous 2's mission creator will let players dictate types of enemies, placement, and AI priorities.

To be a part of the beta, gamers need to register on Infamous 2's official site before March 21 at 2 p.m. Pacific time. Those chosen to participate will be able to start making their own missions when the beta test goes live April 12. Sucker Punch has promised that its creation tool is flexible enough to allow gamers to make simple search-and-destroy or escort missions, as well as less Infamous-like fare such as races, platforming challenges, and stealth missions. The development team will select some of the best missions from the beta period to populate in all players' gameworlds at or near the game's retail launch.

Infamous 2 will see Cole leave the metropolis of Empire City and travel to New Marais, a city based on New Orleans. Along the way, he faces the same narrative duality of choosing to either help or hinder humankind. Once he arrives at his destination, he must face an evil entity simply called "The Beast."

The PlayStation 3 exclusive will be available June 7 as a $60 stand-alone title or as part of a previously revealed $100 Hero Edition. The latter will come with an 8.5-inch Cole MacGrath statue, a sling pack modeled after Cole's own in-game gear, an Infamous mini comic from DC Comics, the official Infamous 2 Hero Edition Soundtrack, and a voucher code for unidentified in-game content.

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