Infamous 2 gets $100 Hero edition - Retail Radar

Yanked Amazon listing lists collector's edition as launching May 24 with Cole MacGrath statue, replica messenger bag, in-game content, and more.


Infamous was all about making tough choices, and it looks like Sony wants to present fans of the upcoming PlayStation 3 sequel with a real doozy right up front. As reported by the Examiner, recently posted (and subsequently pulled) a product page for a premium edition of Infamous 2 packed with extras.

So will there be a Villain Edition as well?
So will there be a Villain Edition as well?

According to a Google cache look at the listing, the $100 Hero Edition of Infamous 2 will launch May 24 and feature an 8.5-inch Cole MacGrath statue as its signature schwag. That's by no means going to be the only bonus in the box, as the Hero Edition will also include a replica of MacGrath's bike messenger bag, a voucher good to download in-game powers and skins, a soundtrack and a mini copy of the first issue of DC Comics' take on Infamous.

Infamous 2 features a new look Cole MacGrath and a new environment in the New Orleans-inspired New Marais, but players will still find some familiar facets in the game. MacGrath will once again use his electricity-based superpowers to navigate the city streets and rooftops, regularly making moral (or immoral) decisions that shape both himself and the world he inhabits.

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