Infamous 2: Festival of Blood gets Move support, Oct. 25 date

Sony introducing motion-sensing controls to open-world sequel, $15 vampire-themed stand-alone spin-off next month.


The improbable interjection of the living dead has become a popular postrelease strategy for games, and Sony is taking exactly that tack with Infamous 2: Festival of Blood. Those curious to see how Cole gets wrapped up in vampire drama will soon find out, as Sony said today that the Festival of Blood stand-alone expansion will be available on October 25 for $15.

Cole's electricity powers will become a bit more visceral next month.
Cole's electricity powers will become a bit more visceral next month.

Along with dating Infamous 2's expansion pack, Sony confirmed that the add-on will introduce Move functionality to the Sucker Punch-developed game. The motion-sensing interface will be integrated into the core Infamous 2 package as well as Festival of Blood.

Festival of Blood centers on an invading swarm of vampires in New Marais. After being bitten himself, Cole has one night to track down and kill the head vampire in order to save both his soul and the city. The pack will feature new missions and themed environments, as well as new characters and enemies. Because it's a stand-alone expansion, previous Infamous games will not be needed to play Festival of Blood.

Sony also said today that there are now more than 80 Move games that have been released or are in development. These titles include Little Big Planet 2 Move Pack: Rise of the Cakeling, which went on sale today for $10. Sony offered a handful of dates for other Move-compatible titles today, including Everybody Dance, which drops October 18. Carnival Island, Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest, and EyePet & Friends have all been dated for November 15.

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