Infamous 2 confirmed

July cover for <i>Game Informer</i> teases first details on Sucker Punch-created open-world action game for PS3.


inFamous 2

Infamous' strong commercial and critical performance appeared to be enough to assume that Sony would give Sucker Punch a chance to make good on the game's cliff-hanger ending with a sequel. That speculation was lent weight in April, when the publisher registered the telling URL, a likely destination for new information on the anticipated open-world action adventure.

All that electricity has done strange things to Cole.
All that electricity has done strange things to Cole.

Surmise no longer, as the July cover issue of GameStop-owned Game Informer magazine has confirmed that Sucker Punch is at work on Infamous 2 for the PlayStation 3.

Though the magazine offered few specifics on what gamers can expect from the Sly Cooper developer's latest effort, it did offer a few generalizations. Hero (or antihero) Cole MacGrath has apparently been given a makeover, and Infamous 2 will also feature a new city where gamers can wield original powers against a new nemesis. Sony will likely have additional details about the game at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo, which kicks off June 14.

The original Infamous told the story of bike messenger Cole MacGrath, who, after a massive explosion, wakes up with electricity-based superpowers. In the game, players make MacGrath either a savior or a scourge as he attempts to break a government-imposed quarantine of his city. Shortly after the game's release, reports emerged that Sony Pictures had entered negotiations with The Longest Yard screenwriter Sheldon Turner to adapt the game for the silver screen.

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