Indivisible--The First DLC Pack Releases Very Soon, Adding 40 New Challenges

The first DLC for Indivisible lands on May 7, offering up new challenges for anyone who has reached a certain point in the game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


Indivisible is getting its first piece of DLC on May 7, in the form of the Razmi's Challenges pack. The expansion, which will cost $8, presents players with 40 new challenges that can be played through once players have reached Mt. Sumeru. Razmi will appear in Ajna's Inner Realm and offer up challenges that must be completed with a limited set of abilities.

These challenges will present platforming and combat scenarios for Ajna to conquer, and will hopefully provide some additional challenge to both new players and those who have finished the game previously.

This is the game's first paid DLC; it has previously received a New Game Plus and co-op modes for free. Screenshots from Razmi's Challenges are below.

This DLC won't be available for the newly released Switch version at launch, which is currently based on an earlier build. Indivisible is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

Indivisible received a 7/10 in GameSpot's review. "As a whole, it sometimes doesn't come together; it's missing weight to its narrative and the challenges necessary to flex its wonderful combat system," wrote reviewer Michael Higham. "But it stands out as an RPG that's doing something genuinely different, and it brings joy to its clever platforming with the tune of an infectious soundtrack," he continued.

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