Indigo Prophecy Character Profiles - Carla and Tyler

Say hello to two of the NYPD's finest, characters who will both be playable in Atari's upcoming adventure game.


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Currently scheduled for release in September, Indigo Prophecy is a cinematic adventure game in which you'll get to experience a murder (and the subsequent manhunt) through the eyes of numerous characters. In addition to assuming the roles of police officers investigating the murder, you'll get to play as the killer himself--an average guy named Lucas Kane, who commits the heinous act unwittingly when he enters some kind of trance. In addition to assuming the role of murderer Lucas Kane, you'll get to play as Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles--two NYPD agents tasked with investigating the killing.

Carla Valenti

Italian-American Carla Valenti is the police detective in charge of the Doc's Diner murder file. Although she works in a male-dominated environment, her strong personality ensures that nobody contests her leadership.

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Age: 28
Birthday: 07/14/81
Height: 1.70m
Weight: 59kg
Place of birth: Brooklyn, USA
Job: NYPD Detective
Father's name: Giuseppe Valenti
Mother's name: Anne Irpino
Family: Carla is single and doesn't have any siblings.

Tyler Miles

Afro-American Miles Tyler is Carla Valenti's partner, and he's assigned to working with her on the Doc's Diner murder file. Tyler grew up in the Bronx, and according to his girlfriend Samantha, spends far too much time at work.

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Age: 24
Birthday: 09/17/85
Height: 1.90m
Weight: 83kg
Place of birth: Bronx, USA
Job: NYPD Agent
Family: Tyler has a girlfriend named Samantha, three brothers, and two sisters.

We'll bring you more information on Indigo Prophecy's playable characters as soon as it becomes available.

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