Indigo Prophecy Character Profile - Lucas Kane

Take a look at the unfortunate dramatis personae who will play out Atari's upcoming cinematic adventure game.


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Currently scheduled for release in September, Indigo Prophecy is a cinematic adventure game in which you'll get to experience a murder (and the subsequent manhunt) through the eyes of numerous characters. In addition to assuming the roles of police officers investigating the murder, you'll get to play as the killer himself--an average guy named Lucas Kane, who commits the heinous act unwittingly when he enters some kind of trance.

Lucas Kane

Lucas Kane is Indigo Prophecy's main character. He is an average guy, who in a trancelike state unwillingly commits a murder in the washroom of a restaurant, the Doc's Diner. The murder is committed according to an ancient Mayan ritual. Since committing his crime, Lucas has had the strange, uncontrollable ability to see through the eyes of the people performing new murders.

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Age: 31
Birthday: 06/09/78
Height: 1.80m
Weight: 84kg
Place of birth: Wichita, USA
Job: IT manager
Father's name: Joseph A. Kane
Mother's name: Susan Barret
Family: Lucas is single and has one brother, Markus

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