IndieSpot UK #1 - GunGirl 2

We run down our top four indie games this month, including Spelunky, Shoot 1UP, and GunGirl 2!

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GunGirl 2 (PC)

GunGirl 2 is a great example of how a game doesn’t have to have HD graphics or an epic storyline unraveling the mysteries of the universe. Instead it sticks to the basics; girls, guns, and a whole load of explosive zombie guts.

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You play as the titular Gun Girl or her companion Gun Dude. A brain-hungry zombie horde has invaded the city, and it’s your job to find out where they came from and shoot the living hell out of them. Gameplay is in the 2D platformer tradition, similar to the Megaman and Metal Slug games; you jump around platforms in each area, shooting zombies and attempting to solve a puzzle or reach a given mission objective. You’re armed with a pistol initially, but better weapons such as shotguns and machine guns are given to you as you progress. The basic shooting is good fun, with zombies collapsing into a satisfying pool of gore as they die. Puzzles and objectives are simplistic, usually involving pushing a switch or gathering a key to unlock a door. However, a role-playing-game-like leveling system has been implemented, which gives the game much more staying power. Scattered through each area are blue orbs, which you can use to upgrade certain attributes of your character, such as your health, strength, and agility. You can also pick up pink pills from dead zombies, which increase your character level, making your weapons stronger and more accurate.

Though GunGirl 2 isn’t going test the limits of your gaming or mental skills, the accurate platforming and satisfying shooting make it a blast to play. While the story does become incredibly silly in places, and the dialogue is completely ludicrous, it adds to the whole B-movie aesthetic. It might not win any awards, but if you’re after some mindless zombie blasting fun, it’s well worth checking out, particularly as the price is a wallet-friendly zero.

We'll be back next month with more gems from the indie world, so until then 'spotters, happy gaming!

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