Indie Spotlight - Paradox Shift

After a long hiatus, the Indie Spotlight is back as we take a look at the time-traveling first-person puzzler Paradox Shift. Let's check it out!


Paradox Shift

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Today, we preview Paradox Shift, a first-person puzzle action game set in the future where time travel is possible through the use of a time-traveling gun. This gun allows you to move between two points in time, as well as take items with you between those two points. As of right now, there's only a preview build that allows you to play one level, but it's enough of a look inside the world of Paradox Shift. Let's take a look.

Canyon Dam Tunnel
Canyon Dam Tunnel

You start off the level with a gun in your hand inside of an unknown room. You don't have any instructions, so you're left to play around with the gun until you figure out its purpose. Once you figure out its purpose, you then open communication with an mysterious ally that helps you navigate this unknown room. Though some tutorial is given on how your time-traveling gun works, your ally pretty much lets you figure out how to start exploring. But the ally does pop up here and there to let you know when you need to escape a particular situation.

After you get the hang of how your time-traveling gun works, Paradox Shift becomes quite fun because you can jump back and forth through time grabbing objects that stand in your way, as well as leave them in the past as you make your way forward to the future. The puzzles in the level are simple but clever because they set you up to jump multiple times back and forth through time, adding a bit of complexity to a simple puzzle.

Past or Future?
Past or Future?

Toward the end of the level, you are given a break from the usual take-time-to-think puzzle and are thrown into a think-on-your-feet type of puzzle. In this type, you navigate a motorcycle back and forth through time avoiding obstacles, walls, and not-yet finished tunnels that stand in your way, all very exhilarating. Paradox Shift is shaping up to be a great game, and we can't wait to get our hands on an updated build. We'll let you know when one is available on the GameSpot Downloads page.

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