Indie hit Fez has now sold 1 million copies

"Thanks a million!" developer Polytron says about sales milestone.

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Fez, the downloadable puzzle-platform game from Phil Fish and independent Canadian studio Polytron, has now sold more than 1 million copies across all platforms, the developer announced today. The game originally launched in April 2012 for Xbox 360, before coming to PC, Mac, and Linux. PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions are in development, though no release dates have been announced for the Sony versions.

"Thanks a million," Polytron said in a statement today on its website.

"Thank you for buying the game! Thank you for stealing it! Thank you for telling your friends about it! Thank you for buying it again when it came out on PC!" the statement goes on. "Thank you for boycotting it so well! Thank you for putting up with the bullshit! Thank you for all your love letters, fan art, cosplays and freakin’ tattoos you got, you crazy bastards!"

Fez's development was chronicled in last year's independent film Indie Game: The Movie. Don't expect a sequel anytime soon, as controversial creator Fish announced this summer that Fez II was canceled. Alongside the cancellation, Fish announced that he would quit the industry altogether. His status at Polytron currently is unknown.

For more on the original Fez, check out GameSpot's review.

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Phil Fish might have jumped the shark and resigned as the captain of the Fez boat, but that doesn't mean that the game is dead in the water. If Phil Fish doesn't own the IP rights to Fez, then the coast is clear and Polytron can keep working on it: So long Phil and thanks for all the Fish!

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the game turnover $15millon phil fish has got to see 5% even with no ip rights thanks for all the fish indeed

Avatar image for HowlPendragon

Poor guys at Polytron, still having to do damage control like this to fix up their image thanks to their Twitter-obsessed teenage girl of a founder.

Don't worry guys, as long as his name isn't in the credits of your next game you'll probably be fine.

Avatar image for AceJakk

Part of me never wants Fish to return so someone can search for him in 20 years for a documentary (working title: Fishing for Acceptance) . The other part of me doesn't care that he has social anxieties, low self esteem, etc. He needs to come back and develop other games. Screw the haters who undoubtedly will never contribute much of anything to the world beyond their criticisms of others.

Avatar image for fillup0

I really wanna see Phil Fish get back into the industry, but seriously what could he have done in Fez 2? Fez was pretty much perfect as it was by design.

Avatar image for CheeseRa

Fez is great

Avatar image for Harbinger_CR

Good for them

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

What an arrogant statement. Are we sure Phil Fish quit?

Avatar image for zintarr

Did not buy it.

Will not buy it.

Thank the Fish.

Avatar image for saltbalsak

F*ck Fez

Avatar image for scottp61

I liked Fez. It was fun and challenging. If there are no plans for a sequel, I hope they make a new IP in the same vain as Fez.

Avatar image for epicalex95

I watched indie game the movie. Phil Fish was probably my least favourite developer in that film.

Avatar image for Halloll

can we get it on Vita now?

Avatar image for RT-XD

Does Humble bundle count towards these sales??

Avatar image for demondogx

Good for him, maybe if he ever gets back in the buisness he should use the money to hire a PR specialist as he is a complete carwreck at it.

Avatar image for Boddicker

Phil Fish is a complete ass.

Watch Indy Game: The Movie and tell me I'm wrong.

Avatar image for fillup0

<< LINK REMOVED >> So you don't sympathize with him at all? He did go through a lot of shit keep in mind and I can't condone all of his actions, but he's only human. I'm sure if you wrecked your brain working on a game for as long as he did, you wouldn't be 100% happy, and it just so happens that he has social issues. Phil Fish isn't an ass, he's just extremely depressed and socially awkward.

Avatar image for sunyatanada76

<< LINK REMOVED >> They all were asses!

Avatar image for dribblesbarbax

@Boddicker You're wrong. He's someone with social issues and is very reactive to personal judgment. He's also a drama queen.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

So....what you're saying is that he's a complete ass?

Avatar image for Dr_takapotku

<< LINK REMOVED >> In other words, a complete ass.

Avatar image for Hurvl

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Phil Fish: I never assked for this.

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

Good thing he has you here to defend him then. Too bad he wouldn;t appreciate it.

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

That's alright, according to the logic on display here that's totally acceptable because it's a medical condition and that means I'm excused.. Unless it's MY logic and in that case I'm a repulsive prick.

Avatar image for CheeseRa

<< LINK REMOVED >> Sounds like you're a toolbag and a sociopath that does not understand the human condition.

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

Actually I would.

Avatar image for dribblesbarbax

<< LINK REMOVED >> Defend him? I'm pointing out the difference between one being an ass and one being social awkward and reactive. You wouldnt call someone with tourettes a repulsive prick because they cant help cursing or have an odd tick that could be seen as disrespectful behavior?

Avatar image for Slim_Lyrics

I was hoping by now that Fish would have gotten over his tantrum, grown a pair and finally announced that Fez 2 was back on.

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

I notice you DIDN'T quote his "So long and thanks for the money suckers" he said when he flounced out of the game industry.

Avatar image for Hurvl

<< LINK REMOVED >> Oh, please, that doesn't mean anything, it's just a final retort. It's just like in movies, where someone breaks up and say that they never loved you. They're just venting their anger and saying things to hurt you, because they are hurt themselves.

Avatar image for pszone

Don't get me wrong like see Rampage on ps4 and xbox1 :]

Avatar image for limbo12

...Asshole Dev Still at Large.

Finished it for you.

Avatar image for Butt_Chunx

Really? Who the **** cares?

Avatar image for PartyGavinParty

<< LINK REMOVED >> ... one million people.

Avatar image for PinchySkree

I own it and don't.

Logic fail.

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

Ahhh, Schrodingers Ownership!

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

So statistically speaking, nobody.

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

You need to learn the phrase "statistically insignificant" and how it relates to outliers.

Avatar image for dribblesbarbax

<< LINK REMOVED >> Your stats are incorrect.

Avatar image for Flamewolf75

Fez 2 is still cancelled.

Avatar image for mattcake

Good for you. Now go work at a big games company and add a little innovation to their big budget dull games thanks.

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

I think you confused "innovation" with "tantrums & drama"

Avatar image for mattcake

<< LINK REMOVED >> Ah I didn't realise it was "him" :)