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Indie Game: The Movie wins at Sundance

Underground game development movie takes home Best Editing award in World Cinema Documentary Competition at Utah film festival this weekend.


Video game-themed movies are rarely well received, but Indie Game: The Movie is bucking that trend.

Indie Game: The Movie is getting mainstream praise.
Indie Game: The Movie is getting mainstream praise.

At this weekend's Sundance 2012 Film Festival awards, Indie Game: The Movie took home the Best Editing accolade within the World Cinema Documentary Competition.

Writing on the movie's official blog, first-time filmmakers James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot said they shot over 300 hours of footage for the film, and that "the edit was, by far, the most difficult aspect of the process."

Indie Game: The Movie premiered last week at Sundance and will show theatrically via a "limited screening tour." Following that, the filmmakers said they plan to release the movie via DVD and download.

The film chronicles the efforts of several indie game studios, documenting the struggles and experiences in their work to release games like Fez, Super Meat Boy, Minecraft, and Braid.

Additionally, the film is only just taking off. Last week, television programming giant HBO announced it had picked up the rights to Indie Game: The Movie and is planning a 30-minute comedy series based on the work. Hollywood producer Scott Rudin (No Country for Old Men, Zoolander) will produce the series.

For more on Indie Game: The Movie, check out GameSpot's interview with Swirsky and Pajot.

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