Indiana Jones Director Boycotts Making Movies In Georgia After Recent Voter Law Changes

Mangold said he will not make a movie in Georgia due to the state's recent voter law changes.

Prominent director James Mangold--who directed Logan, Ford v Ferrari, and Walk The Line and is attached to direct the new Indiana Jones movie--has said he won't make a movie in the state of Georgia due to a recent law that makes changes to voting rules.

Mangold said succinctly on Twitter, "I will not direct a film in Georgia."

Georgia is one of the US east coast's movie-making hubs, with numerous Marvel and DC projects filming there such as The Avengers, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Suicide Squad projects.

The new bill, which was signed into law late last week, makes changes to voter ID requirements and more. Democratic state senator Jen Jordan said of the bill, "It's like the Christmas tree of goodies for voter suppression."

Mangold responded to numerous people on Twitter who followed up and challenged him on his statement. You can see some of his responses below. Screenwriter Amy Holden Jones, who wrote Mystic Pizza, said Atlanta--which is where many of the big Hollywood productions film--is the "blue heart of the state." Eliminating movie production in Georgia would harm Democratic voters, Jones said.

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill also weighed in on the matter, saying he agrees with Mangold about wanting to stop filming in Georgia. "No More Filming In Georgia," he wrote as a hashtag.

Mangold's next project is the new Indiana Jones movie starring Harrison Ford. Series director Steven Spielberg was originally scheduled to direct the film but Mangold stepped in after Spielberg parted ways with the film.

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