Indiana Jones' Ark Of The Covenant Appeared On Antiques Roadshow--Here's What It's Worth

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1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark, which introduced the world to Indiana Jones, is about the search for the Ark of the Covenant, a golden box that can melt the face off anyone who opens it. The box itself is one of cinema's great props,, although, as it turns out, it’s made from simple materials.

CNET is reporting that one lucky person--an unnamed man whose father worked on the film as a pyrotechnician and stage tech--recently took an Ark prop from the original film on the Antiques Roadshow. The box has sat in the man's San Francisco home for years, having been passed down from his father.

You can watch the Ark's evaluation below.

This Ark model consists mostly of picture frames, old trophies, hot glue, and spray paint. It's not the one used in the final movie, as it looks slightly shabbier than the model seen on screen, which was designed by concept artist Ralph McQuarrie. That final version is held at Skywalker Ranch; this version was made for the pyrotechnics team.

According to Antiques Roadshow appraiser James Supp, the Ark is worth $80-120,000, but realistically, at auction, you could see it sell to a fan for as much as $250k.

Indiana Jones will return for a fifth movie, and it will continue on directly from the first four. The movie will release in July 2021.

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