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Indiana Jones Actor Was 'Profoundly Happy' For Cameo In Dial Of Destiny

A character with a long history with Indy received a send-off in the final Indiana Jones film.


With Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny said to be the final film in the series, it was to be expected that we'd see some older faces come along for the ride. We saw John Rhys Davies in the trailers for the film, but there's at least one more appearance in the film, and the actor called themselves "profoundly happy" to get the chance in an interview with Variety.

Beware spoilers for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny below.

We first met Marion Ravenwood in the original Indy film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, where she proved herself an equal to Indiana. The series made good on that at the end of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which had the two marrying after Indiana's adventure with their shared son, Mutt Williams.

While Marion figured more significantly into earlier drafts of the film's script, the version we're seeing on screens this weekend mostly cuts her out, instead focusing on Indiana's relationship with his goddaughter Helena (played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge). According to the movie, Indiana and Marion separated after their son was killed in the Vietnam War. However, the two reunite in the film's final moments.

"I was disappointed, of course," Allen said of her reduced role in the film, while also acknowledging that if Mutt was going to be out of the picture, there had to be some reason for that.

"I was deeply happy that Marion came back at least at the end of their story. If this is truly the last film of this particular group of films--if this is the last story with Harrison as Indy and me as Marion--I was profoundly happy that it didn't end without them coming back together. That meant a lot to me, to feel like they were going to ride off in the sunset together," Allen continued.

Allen also talks in the interview about playing the character spread across 42 years, and how she's made peace with the way fans associate her with the films. Allen adds that she would consider returning to the role without Harrison Ford as Indy, even though the two characters are so interwoven that she "can't imagine someone creating a film that revolved around Marion without Indy."

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny hits theaters today, June 30.

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