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Indiana Jones 5 Update: Writing Has Only "Just Started"

Producer Frank Marshall says the COVID-19 crisis will change how movies are made, as he also praises new director James Mangold.


Indiana Jones 5 hit a snag recently when director Steven Spielberg--who directed every previous Indiana Jones film--announced he was leaving the project. The movie is still happening, and Lucasfilm has brought on Logan and Walk the Line director James Mangold. Producer Frank Marshall has provided an update on how the movie is coming along, and it's very early days.

Marshall told Collider that the writing process for Indiana Jones 5 only "just started." He didn't share any details on the script, but the last we heard, Jurassic Park writer David Koepp was attached as the screenwriter. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed that Indiana Jones 5 will be a "continuation" of the series instead of a reboot, but no story details are confirmed yet.

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Indiana Jones 5--or whatever Lucasfilm decides to call the movie--is scheduled to be released in theatres in 2022. Marshall told Collider that the COVID-19 crisis is likely to impact how the movie is made. He said he expects you won't see "big crowd scenes" in film for some time. Additionally, the craft services department--which delivers food to cast and crew--will likely be eliminated, he said.

"The number one thing, obviously, is the safety of everybody--the cast, the crew, and all of us. So, we're looking at the guidelines that are coming slowly, from the health experts and the studios and the different parts of the business, and we're just trying to incorporate everything, so we can move forward and be safe," he said. "It's going to obviously slow things down, so we're trying to adjust."

Also in the interview, Marshall spoke about why Mangold is the right choice to direct Indiana Jones 5. He said Mangold has a deep appreciation for the series, and he's familiar with Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford, who is returning for this new movie.

"His love of the franchise," Marshall said of Mangold. "He's a wonderful filmmaker. I think he also has a relationship with Harrison. It was all of the right pieces coming together, at the right time."

In addition to Walk the Line and Logan, Mangold directed Girl, Interrupted, 3:10 to Yuma, and Ford vs. Ferrari. He earned Oscar nominations for Logan (Best Adapted Screenplay) and Ford vs. Ferrari (Best Picture).

While Spielberg is no longer directing Indiana Jones 5, he's on board as a producer.

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