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Incredible Mark Hamill Cult Classic Lands On 4K Blu-Ray This Summer

Before there was Blue Beetle, there was The Guyver.


A young man discovers an alien suit that gives him wild new powers, but he also now has to deal with an evil corporation who wants to control the suit themselves. Yes, that's literally the exact plot of last year's Blue Beetle--and there are lots of other movies in that same ballpark, to be honest. But we're here today to talk about one in particular: 1991's The Guyver, in which a guy finds a power suit that turns him into a bug guy, and then he has to fight other bug guys. The Guyver also has mustachioed Mark Hamill and Mark Hamill transforming into a big cockroach.

The Guyver arrives on 4K UHD Blu-ray this summer, finally getting the stunning detail it's always deserved. And this is a lot more than just your standard new 4K Blu-ray release with recycled extra features from the old DVD--fans are going to find a lot to like here.

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