In Wake of Assassin's Creed Unity Issues, Ubisoft Changing Policies

Publisher adapting how it interacts with reviewers and gamers going forward.


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In the wake of Assassin's Creed Unity's release this week, which was adversely affected in some cases by frame rate issues and bugs across all platforms, publisher Ubisoft has vowed to change the way it interacts with game critics and the community of gamers at large.

"We are working to adapt our services and communications with consumers accordingly, both by changing the way we work with reviewers and by offering customers open betas or other early access to some games, all so that they have the information they need and want," a Ubisoft spokesperson told the BBC.

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Explaining some of Unity's launch issues, and an embargo on review scores that lifted 12 hours after the game was released, the representative said it comes down to the evolving natures of games. Games today are increasingly online-focused, the spokesperson said, which changes things significantly.

"Having the online elements available and having populated worlds is essential to creating a representative and complete experience for reviewers," the representative said. "Achieving this prior to launch is incredibly complex, which is why some games are being reviewed much closer--or as was the case with Destiny, even after--the game launches.

For its part, Ubisoft has acknowledged Unity's bugs and laid out plans to fix them. Ubisoft has even launched a live updates blog dedicated exclusively to bringing fans the latest information on bug fixes.

If you're encountering bugs in Unity, we want to hear from you. Let us know in the comments what bugs/issues you're experiencing, and if you can, post a screenshot and details about what platform you're playing on. Alternatively, you can email us at the address below.

For more on Unity, check out GameSpot's review and what other critics are saying.

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What is their to work with in regards to reviers? Build your game right spend proper time fixing bugs and then release it. It's not the publics job to work with you.

Avatar image for Gatchan2

They need to stop rushing games out unpolished thats what.

Was no reason for Unity to release this year when they already had Rogue coming out. Ubisoft is greedy and they paid the price

Avatar image for LE5LO

I've played through Silent Hill 1 to 3, and that screenshot is more terrifying than anything in any of them. Scary Texture bugs for the win in your next game Ubisoft, just make it a horror game, not Assassins Creed! lol

Avatar image for dman221nkw

I personally feel that Assassin's Creed is not meant to be a multiplayer game. really the only reason why they decided to do multiplayer is because the more popular games are multiplayer like call of duty and halo (which I have no idea how people even have the attention span to continue playing that for god knows how long because it gets pretty stale after a while). and from the research I've done it was originally supposed to be a single player game and it was basically a last minute move to try and bring in the extra dollars and it was a very poor move because they focused too much on the multiplayer that the game barely worked at launch because they did not extend their launch date enough. and also thanks to call of duty and mobile apps Assassin's Creed had the audacity to throw in microtransactions which is an absolute slap in the face.

Avatar image for greenshadow222

Assassin's Creed was a great SINGLE player franchise. When the internet and multiplayer came in the descent into crap for Assassins Creed has been steady and undeniable. I have a large group of friends who like single player gaming. We are looking for the game creators who want our business. Looks to me like Ubisoft's shift to all multiplayer gaming was foolish on more than just technical levels. None of the friends who have Xbox 1s in my circle have bought the game. They aren't interested in history - just shooting. So I am wondering who bought the game and who likes it - to date I know of no one.

Avatar image for Siveria

Actually no, the problem is devs are getting lazy and rushing out games that simply are not ready with the excuse "Oh we can patch it later" remember the snes ps1, ps2 days? back when games released pretty much bug free? yeah that was a thing. Now a days these devs just half-ass it most of the time. As a gamer I am getting tired of it, as well as I am getting tired of games degenerating into the cesspool we have now. I can't think of the last time a game has come out that I truly thought was good, most are meh, a few are ok, but never good, mostly because of the lack of any challenge, and how overly easy games have gotten. They just aren't as fun as they used to be, I mean pretty much every game holds your hand like your a 5 yr old showing you exactly where to go and what to do now a days, it never was like this before.

Avatar image for tabascoturtle

I think their main issue is the annual releases. I mean, I'd love a new game each year. But I'd prefer over that to have a fully functioning game every two years.

Ubisoft should, IMHO, change from "Here's your deadline, make the game. You didn't finish? A deadline's a deadline." I think a better system would be "Here's what we have planned for this game. How long will you need to finish it for it to be at its best?"

Avatar image for WolfgarTheQuiet

<< LINK REMOVED >> No need for games every year in the same franchise. Example, you finish this game and in next 3 to 4 years you play other good games.

Annual works for any kind of sports game and smaller titles that have enough time to make it good in space of 12 months.

Avatar image for tabascoturtle


Avatar image for WolfgarTheQuiet

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I rarely buy AAA games on launch these days. Usually wait up to 6 months if necessary until its actually working the way it was intended. if many more people didnt rush in to buy fresh title on the first day it would send big publishers a message :)

Avatar image for tabascoturtle

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Plus, after a while of it being out, Steam sales :P

Avatar image for MitchyK7

Considering the recent announcement regarding the lack of ANY reviews for The Crew, this is PR bullshit at it's finest.

Avatar image for LordCrisp

Nice try Ubisoft... you've messed up, and it's not gonna be forgotten soon.

Online experience is the worst excuse I've heard in a long time, we've seen several online gameplay from before launch, so it was obviously possible... and online isn't THAT important to Assassins Creed Unity as for example Destiny and RPGs... stop your excuses dammit.

I'm even considering to cancel my Division preorder, considering the shit that's been happening the last year or so...

Was also interested in Far Cry 4 until all this shit happened

Avatar image for speedfreak48t5p

Oh good, Ubisoft is ditching the "You need a smartphone if you want to complete our games" crap, so gamers like me without a mobile device have a chance to complete the games.

Avatar image for kingtwofer

I sent over 4 detailed explanations of my problems to Ubisoft. At launch I had 0 issues with the game. The companion app however was broke.

Enter the 13th and the "fix patch". Well on a positive note, the companion app synced to my game progression. SAWEEET right?! NO! this is when the game became unplayable. 9 days later I have to log in and start the game so it loads my progress. At this point the game crashes on my xboxone.

So now I go offline and wallah! The game works, just like before the patch! Except when I go to log back online, it shuts off again.

No other game is having these issues. They did get some things fixed. But they need to give up on uplay! I feel it's the reason I, along with others cannot play online.

So 9 days later, what did I learn? No more assassins creed games for me. Ubisoft support is garbage, and I'm being extremely polite. Fix the game that you broke with the patch! I just want to play co-op! @WTFUBI

Been playing Ubisoft games since they started. Just fix your flaws if possible. That is all.

Avatar image for Gyrcion

Don't care until Ubishaft stops pumping out assassin's creed every year. Assassin's Creed used to be good but now the games seem obviously rushed. They're ugly too.

Avatar image for UberMan5000

They come out with a buggy game and offer to "fix it" afterwards... if this was before they could patch a half-finished game, they'd have to live with it. Assassin's Creed wouldn't get anywhere if Ubisoft had to have the whole thing finished BEFORE IT COMES OUT.

And people wonder why so many gamers wax nostalgic.

Avatar image for WolfgarTheQuiet

<< LINK REMOVED >> Remeber PS2 era, there was no fixing later. Full game as polished as possible had to be ready day one. No dumb ass patches or over priced DLC thats been cut from the game in the first place. Why do gamers support this is i do not understand.

Now of course some DLC packs content for the buck but %95 does not.

Avatar image for MihaiHornet

"Games today are increasingly online-focused"

Translation: We (as all the other major publishers) are increasingly focused to milk our customers online.

Avatar image for revolver275

Got a game breaking bug when your in the portal in sequence 3 and liek say your game crashed and you restart the game your back in paris while you should be in the other city the 19 century one? but yea i was thinking why haven't i seen any main quests i'm already like 20 hours into the game is there a way i can start sequence again? replaying it doesn't work.

Avatar image for bright-raven77

happy haloween other bug floor of main cafe ground floor corridors glitching

Avatar image for Mayleene

LOL - They may as well have poured water in a bucket with no bottom.

Avatar image for UKFX

This is the dumbest PR statement I've ever read. However, so many naive people walk this Earth that many are willing to believe it.

If they actually made their game properly, didn't rush it and did some internal testing then the game would have come out just fine. This speech about policy changes and open betas is an unnecessary step of PR turd, used to stem the flow of public disappointment and a potential dip in sales lol.

Money hungry Ubisoft? Ahh yes.

Avatar image for theoasis77

Waits for Watchdog's WiiU... 'scared'

Avatar image for megakick

10 studios, 4 years, buggy and broken WTF?

Avatar image for Kendojin

At least this isn't being treated like Arkham Origins, thank you WB!

Avatar image for yienwae

I'm beginning to think that publishers are putting way too much pressure on the developers to meet marketing deadlines. "Let's release it as is and then release a patch for it......" So the consumer not only has to buy the bugged game, but they have to take time to download a patch just to get it to be playable...... Wow, this is what it has all come down to...

Avatar image for marrows

assassins creed unity bugs can make a horror movie :P

Avatar image for DAOWAce

They're gonna let us beta test their games?

That's all I really got out of their statement.

Avatar image for moriwenne

Alright, let's be fair here.

So ubisoft is responsible for this huge franchise. Unity has been in development for quite a while and plenty of people have worked hard on it. It would be nice if all companies could just take their time before release, to iron out all the kinks, but that's not always possible. If they didn't release this game in time for christmas they would be losing a lot of money.

Personally I care about the game content, the story, the gameplay, etc. Bugs and such are not a big deal because that stuff you can fix. So if you complain about the game, just leave that stuff out. The game's been out for a short while and they've already fixed a lot of the issues. Whomever gets this game as a xmas present will probably have almost no bugs because by then most things will be fixed. So be fair, patient and respect their work.

Now, if you've played the game and don't like it because it's too similar to past versions, nothing really innovative, you think the story is a bit weak...well then I'm right there with you. I too think they could've done better coming from "black flag". But I still appreciate the french setting, the feel of the city, the huge crowds. It's a solid 8 for me.

Avatar image for kingtwofer

If we are being honest. The story is pretty good... but the UNITY part, not so much. The internet has been out for awhile. Ubisoft always has problems with their networks.

Avatar image for maletizer

<< LINK REMOVED >> I agree with you. Almost all of the negative stuff being said about Unity are technical issues. Most of these can be sorted out by patches and like you said hopefully all will be fixed by Christmas. It's still not an excuse to release a bugged game like this from a consumers point of view, but I also look at it from a business point of view and there was just no plausible way for them to delay the game even further. Better to take the blow, hope to restore customers faith through patches and have another go at it with the next AC. I made the same experience with BF4. I was furious when it launched and stopped playing soon after but came back after the patches and I play it on a regular basis now and even purchased Premium. If I can return to the disaster of BF4 (which took forever to be properly fixed), I am pretty sure I can enjoy Unity in the future, seeing as how they already are pumping out those patches quite frequently.

I am upgrading my GPU and will be getting AC:U for free with it so I will just wait till the patches all come through and we all can enjoy this game. Currently enjoying the hell out of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Elf Mage for Life!

Avatar image for ianbrettcooper

<< LINK REMOVED >> There is no excuse for covering up the issues with the game so that we would pay full price for an unfinished game. If they want us to buy their games, they need to ensure they're finished for the release date or delayed, so that players get a finished game. Why should I care if Ubisoft loses money - it's MY money, not theirs, and you can be damned sure that Ubisoft loses more money by releasing a broken game.

Avatar image for moriwenne

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> At some point, in some meeting they probably evaluated the situation and realised "we are not going to have enough time to test this and that extensively. When we launch, problems might arise that we haven't foreseen".

My argument is that at that point they could've decided to delay and test and find some more bugs or they could launch as is and risk it. That's when someone crunched the numbers and as they realised how much it would cost them to delay they decided to keep the launch date.

Of course I'm on your side. I want a great and finished game and I'm not defending Ubi. I'm just explaining how it probably went down and I understand why they did it.

Avatar image for ianbrettcooper

<< LINK REMOVED >> "Problems MIGHT arise"? The game OFTEN takes 15 minutes to start up! There are so many major bugs and gameplay issues that it's going to take them months to fix them all (which means they won't fix them all). I'm sure someone crunched the numbers and decided they'd lose less by going ahead. But I thought Ubisoft was a bit more customer-oriented than numbers-oriented. My mistake. I won't make it again.

Avatar image for ghostly_bear

<< LINK REMOVED >> Bullshit, they had preorders. They already made their money. Even if they didn't release it by Christmas people would still buy it. The crowds are probably what's causing the frame rate issues in the first place. Ubi apologists pls go.

Avatar image for moriwenne

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> A big company can't afford to work like a con artist, they would get money once and no more. I still argue that they would lose a lot if they didn't release before xmas.

I agree with you that the framerate problems must be coming from those huge crowds and it's their fault that they didn't test and optimize it a bit more.

Avatar image for RudeOfTheTurks

Hahaha, what a joke.

Avatar image for therealone717

typical corporation of today. only thing they ever do the right thing is if they are forced or shamed into it. greed, selfishness and stupidity always at the root of bad things these days lol

Avatar image for cguido

ho so this is theatrical experience they were talking about lmao!! ...its inexcusable they screwed us thanks ubisoft. I am never buying another assassins creed game ever again ok so dont worry you burned me for the last time ok ^_^

Avatar image for shreiko

I think its really stupid that a good amount of the gear customisation requires you to play club competition, a portion of the game that ubisoft hasn't released. That napoleonic armour that I need in my life is locked away from me.

Avatar image for cooltoast

Okay I'm sorry, but I had like no issues running this on my ps4 on day one. I have now beaten single player and played some co op. Only in one co op game did I have lag or framerate issues so it could have just been connection issue. And only fell through map once. But I'm not trying to speak for everyone just my experiences. I think it was overall a pretty game and the amount of npcs on screen really helped put the time period in perspective.

Avatar image for daBrokenFace

The next DLC pack should be free, it's a way Ubisoft can make it up to gamers loosing faith in the series

Avatar image for Stepn2myworld

<< LINK REMOVED >> A free DLC pack is not going to correct this fiasco. Ubisoft gives you a free sword and/or outfit and your are happy? Raise your expectations.

Avatar image for daBrokenFace

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I was thinking more of a story expansion DLC, 1 or 2 hrs long

Avatar image for Beagle050

Jesus that's terrifying...

Avatar image for MangoDave

"You once thought I was beautiful!!!"

"Honey... you got real ugly..."