In the German version of Wolfenstein: The New Order, Nazis are called the Regime

Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines adds that all swastikas will be removed because "they have a thing about Nazis there"; explains why the game does not have multiplayer.

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Upcoming first-person shooter Wolfenstein: The New Order will be censored in Germany because "they have a thing about Nazis there," Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines told GameSpot in a new video interview from PAX East. You can watch the full interview below.

"They're a little touchy," Hines said. "And so [the Nazis] are called the Regime in Wolfenstein in Germany and it's actually...I'm pretty sure this is the first Wolfenstein game that will ever be released in Germany, but it's completely stripped of all the constitutionally banned content."

The "constitutionally banned content" Hines is referring to is likely all Nazi imagery, including swastikas. Ubisoft ran into the same issue with the German version of South Park: The Stick of Truth. We have yet to see the German version of Wolfenstein: The New Order, but Hines says the "Regime" you'll fight in that version still look Aryan and speak with German accents.

Also during our interview with Hines, we quizzed him about the controversial fact that Wolfenstein: The New Order will not have a multiplayer mode, despite multiplayer being a trademark for past entries in the beloved series.

"We believe that if multiplayer fits and it's part of what you're trying to create, you should absolutely do it. But if it's not, for god's sake leave it out."

"For a lot of other publishers that would probably be a trickier question to answer, but Bethesda stands defiantly in support of single-player stuff," Hines said. "Fallout 3, Skyrim, Dishonored, Evil Within, Wolfenstein. We believe that if multiplayer fits and it's part of what you're trying to create, you should absolutely do it. But if it's not, for god's sake leave it out. Stop shoehorning into stuff that has no business being there [cheers from audience]. And ultimately, Machine Games knows single-player. And this is the kind of game they wanted to create, and so we just never really had a conversation about multiplayer. It's like, 'All right, if that's not what you're making, let's just make this the best that we can,' and that's what we're doing."

Hines said he believes there is a major contingent of gamers today that still enjoy "robust" single-player experiences. He pointed out that one of his favorite games from last year was Naughty Dog's The Last of Us, and even though it did have a multiplayer mode, he said he never played it, and he still felt like it was the "best money I spent last year."

One issue that does crop up, however, with single-player games is that people won't continue to play them unless they have a reason to. A multiplayer mode is often looked at as a means to meet this desire, but it's not the only way, Hines said. He teased that Bethesda may soon announce an all-new game mode for Wolfenstein: The New Order that you'll unlock after gathering every collectible.

"Replayability obviously is an important thing. Extending what you're getting for your money is something we're very well aware of," Hines said. "There's a couple of different things we're doing. One is a mode we're not actually talking about yet, although I am lobbying for us to talk about it soon, but there's a collectible aspect in the game, and once you play any particular chapter, you can go back and replay it if you want to find the collectibles you missed. And if you find all the collectibles, you unlock this cool new mode, and when I actually convince everybody to start talking about it, you'll be like, 'That is super cool, and I want to find all the collectibles just to try that mode.'"

Wolfenstein: The New Order launches May 20 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. Preordering the game will guarantee you access to the upcoming Doom beta, though it will be available only on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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