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In Halo 5's Campaign, You'll Always Have Three Companions

These characters will show up during cutscenes and can be given orders when playing on your own.


Whether you're playing Halo 5: Guardians alone or with others, the campaign will see you accompanied by three Spartans that can be controlled by other players or take commands from you.

The Master Chief's companions are members of Blue Team, according to Game Informer. Blue Team has traditionally been led by the Master Chief and is comprised of three others Spartans (Linda, Kelly, and Fred) who have been present in the overall Halo canon, but were never featured in the games themselves.

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These characters will appear during cutscenes, rather than simply being partners in combat who disappear any time the story is being advanced. When playing on your own, you'll be able to give these characters commands. Alternatively, you can have co-op players assume control of them, with each one having their own distinct loadout.

The portion of Halo 5's campaign that focuses on Spartan Locke will see him accompanied by a group as well, in this case Fireteam Osiris. They're tasked with tracking down the Master Chief and killing him or bringing him back after he and Blue Team are said to have gone AWOL. Locke's story is featured in the Halo: Nightfall series, and has been further expanded in the ongoing Hunt the Truth podcast.

Both Blue Team and Osiris look to be the new Spartans who were introduced in the game's cover art back in April.

Halo 5: Guardians is due out on Xbox One on October 27. Expect to hear much more about it during E3 next week.

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