In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, You Can Exact Revenge On Those Wasps With An Unusual Item

The humble party popper can mess up those Animal Crossing wasps before they even know what hit them.


If you've spent any time with Animal Crossing: New Horizons over the past few days, you've no doubt had a few run-ins with your island's most hostile residents. No, we're not talking about Tom Nook or any of your delightful animal neighbors, but rather the stinging wasps that you accidentally unhouse when you're gathering tree branches for your zillionth fishing rod that day.

Well, if you're tired of having to use medicine to treat those wounds, we have good news for you--you can use party poppers to scare them away, as revealed by embedded Tweet above. To be clear, the timing is pretty tight, and you have to make sure to shake the tree from the front in order to line it up, but it does work. You can buy party poppers from the Nook's Cranny store.

Alternatively, you can use your net to catch the wasps before they descend on you. But hey, this is a much more festive solution, if nothing else. If you need help gathering any other bugs, read our guide to catching them. If you haven't picked up New Horizons, check out our review-in-progress to see what our critic Kallie Plagge liked and didn't like about the game.

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