Impressive Video Imagines Real-World GTA, Complete With GTA 5's Trevor

Trevor is either the best or worst possible guide through a GTA tutorial.


An impressive new video from YouTube channel Corridor Digital explores what would happen if a virtual reality headset could transport you into a real-life version of Grand Theft Auto--and it does this with Grand Theft Auto V's Trevor.

Steven Ogg, the actor who played Trevor in the game, guides the headset's user through a sort of tutorial. This happens on the streets of Los Angeles, where many of the sights that are the norm in GTA V--jets crashing into things, cars smashing into each other, and so on--are unfolding. Before watching, do note that the video is not safe for work--this version of Trevor is as vulgar as his in-game counterpart.

The visuals may not be at the level of quality in a Hollywood movie, but it is still a really well-realized production. That's to be expected from the team behind the Battlefield Rush video you may have seen recently.

An accompanying making-of video (below) shows how this was all put together in just a week's time. It was written in two days, locations were scouted in two days, and filming then took place in about a day and a half.

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