Impressions: Triple Play 2001

We walk up to bat to examine EA Sports' upcoming baseball slugger for the PC.


Earlier this morning we stopped by the Electronic Arts offices to play an inning of Triple Play 2001, the latest iteration of EA Sports' baseball series, currently in development by Treyarch. The game boasts the standard suite of features like actual MLB players, real parks, and play-by-play and color commentary by actual announcers.

What'll make Triple Play 2001 stand out, however, is the addition of legendary players. Gamers can go to bat as Babe Ruth or pitch fast balls as Cy Young. What's more is that these baseball legends will actually be available in the game's career mode. That means you'll not only be able to use the likes of Hank Aaron and Jackie Robinson on your team, but you can trade in others as well for a team that's a complete who's who of baseball history.

EA has also acquired the exclusive rights to the MLBPA's Big League Challenge, which pits this year's 12 best sluggers in a home-run derby. The actual Big League Challenge will be held in Las Vegas this February and will be televised by ESPN. Triple Play 2001 lets you play as any one of this year's 12 hitters in the same Vegas park that the event is scheduled to take place in. You can also substitute any player you wish for this mode, including the players you created or one of the legendary athletes mentioned above.

Triple Play 2001 is currently scheduled for a March 2000 release.

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