Impossible Creatures release date set

Microsoft announces that Relic's delayed real-time strategy game will ship in January.


Impossible Creatures

Impossible Creatures seemed nearly finished when we played a feature-complete preview build of the game last spring, so it was a surprise when Microsoft 2868584announced in May that the game would miss its schedule late summer release date and slip into 2003 to let Relic balance the game. Now Microsoft has announced a new release schedule that will put Impossible Creatures on store shelves in January 2003.

"With tens of thousands of possible animal combinations that players can create and command, we're set to deliver a fast-paced RTS game that adds a refreshing, creative burst of flavor to one of the most popular genres in PC gaming," said Alex Garden, CEO of Relic Entertainment. "A January 2003 launch ensures Impossible Creatures receives the fine-tuning and balancing that a game of this caliber requires."

Impossible Creatures takes place in a 1930s sci-fi setting and puts players in the role of Rex Chance, an adventurer who discovers that his father invented a technology to genetically merge beasts to meld their capabilities and make them more powerful. The real-time strategy game challenges players to mix and match 50 base creatures to create unit designs that can then be built and deployed against the opponent. For more details, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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