Impossible Creatures Insect Invasion Update

Relic gives us the scoop on two previously unannounced creatures in its upcoming free expansion pack. Exclusive screenshots inside.


Relic Entertainment has sent over some new information on Insect Invasion, the upcoming free expansion pack for Impossible Creatures. As the title suggests, Insect Invasion includes several new animals and insects that can be added to the game's existing stable of creatures.

Relic has announced two more of the new creatures: the walking stick and the termite. The walking stick has a special camouflage ability that allows it to blend into the surrounding environment, making it ideal for ambushes. The example you see in our exclusive screenshots is a combination of a kangaroo and a walking stick, or "kangastick." This particular creature has the kangaroo's legs for a leap attack and the body of the walking stick, giving it camouflage and regeneration capabilities. The other new insect, the termite, has an infestation property associated with it, making it very efficient at destroying buildings. It also has a herding instinct, making it more powerful in groups. In our exclusive shots, you can see the termite combined with a gorilla, or "termilla." The termite head gives the termilla infestation and herding capabilities, while the gorilla arms and body give it a pummel attack.

The other exclusive shots include the following creatures: anacamel (anaconda and camel), blackoceros (black widow and rhinoceros), archidow spider (archerfish and black widow), and bombardier whale (bombardier beetle and sperm whale). The anacamel has the endurance of a camel and the swimming capability of the anaconda. The blackoceros has the web throw and poison capability of the spider and the size and armor of the rhino. The archidow spider on the other hand, has no web throw, but the archerfish's tail gives it swimming ability while retaining the poison from the spider's head. Finally, the bombardier whale has the swimming, sonar pulse, and sonic attack capabilities of the sperm whale, while taking on the chemical artillery attack of the beetle.

The Insect Invasion expansion pack is slated for release later this spring.

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