Immortals Fenyx Rising Is Only $30 At GameStop Today

One of 2020's sleeper hits is available at a great price.


Immortals Fenyx Rising released very late in 2020 and without franchise name recognition, you could have easily missed out on it. However, it ended up being a very solid Zelda-like with acrobatic combat and a silly tone. If you didn't grab it initially, GameStop has the game for just $30 during its Pro Day sale, and it's only available at that price today.

The deal applies to four different versions of the game: Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4, and PS5. The Xbox version supports Smart Delivery, giving you the Xbox One or Xbox Series X version depending on which system you put it in. While the digital version is also sold on the website, it's not part of the sale, so those with Xbox Series S will have to pay full price.

However, if you are getting the game on a PlayStation console, we strongly recommend selecting the PS4 version. That's because the game comes with a free next-gen upgrade if you play it on a PS5, essentially giving you both versions of the game. If you pick the PS5 version on the GameStop website, that game will only work on PS5.

Immortals Fenyx Rising feels like a very clear iteration on the ideas Nintendo introduced with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with a similar flow to combat and magical abilities, as well as free-form climbing that makes traversal much less annoying than in some other open-world games. However, it's more than just an homage, with an interesting approach to storytelling via Greek gods and a much lighter tone than we see in Zelda.

Because the game's on Switch, it's a good choice if you have finally done all you can in Breath of the Wild but don't want to stop playing that sort of adventure yet. It makes smart use of the next-gen systems, as well, including some subtle haptic feedback in the DualSense's triggers on PS5.

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