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Immortals Fenyx Rising Guide - Best Skills And Abilities To Get First

Immortals: Fenyx Rising has lots of ways to upgrade your hero, so here are the skills and godly blessings to aim for first.

Immortals Fenyx Rising imbues you with the powers of the gods. To that end, it has a few different kinds of upgrades, each with its own path and method of leveling up.

Under the Abilities menu, you'll find both Skills and Godly Powers. Skills enhance your standard combat and traversal abilities, while Godly Powers are more significant, flashier finishers with cooldowns. Both are purchased at the Hall of the Gods with Coins of Charon, but Godly Powers cost significantly more Coins. Be sure to visit the Hall of the Gods to upgrade your abilities before taking on major new quests, because you can't upgrade your character on the fly--it's only available at that single location.

Another type of upgrade is Blessings, which has its own section on the menu. These unlock as you progress through the story and finish the quests of the four gods: Aphrodite, Ares, Athena, and Hephaistos. Each god has three powers to grant you which will unlock in sequence. The story paths for each get more difficult, so it's probably best to complete each of their first quest phases, then each of the second. But since you can do them in any order, you are able to claim certain Blessings first to help you with the others.

If you're just starting out, you'll want to know what to prioritize your hard-earned Coins of Charon on, or which gods to visit first.

Best Abilities to Purchase First

In Immortals, you'll be traveling through the open world a lot. A lot. Fast-travel points are relatively sparse, and quest points are usually separated by several hundred or even thousands of meters. For this reason, we highly recommend prioritizing traversal abilities first. Glide Boost makes your flight ability much faster, while Climb Leap makes it that much easier to scale the many vertical surfaces you'll find. You can safely neglect the Swim Dash ability, though--with Glide Dash you won't need it and swimming doesn't come up very often.

Another nice quality-of-life upgrade is Telekinesis Gathering. Rather than having to pick a set of crafting materials one by one, a single button press will scoop them all up. It's a real time-saver.

With those secured, most of the remaining abilities are all about combat. Many of the bigger baddies you'll meet in Immortals are damage sponges and will be much easier to take down if you stagger them before wailing away. That makes investments in axe abilities like Axe Smash, Power Spin Finisher, and Axe Cleave especially useful. Each of those will give your axe attacks more stun damage, building up the stagger gauge faster.

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To help evade enemy attacks, consider purchasing Enhanced Dodge and Air Dodge. The first lets you dodge up to five times, which will let you duck and shuffle out of the way quickly for some of the bigger boss monsters that pursue you aggressively. The second, as you may expect, lets you dodge in mid-air. That's especially useful as you may be leaping a lot to build stagger with your Axe Cleave ability.

We recommend saving the sword upgrades for later since those are mostly useful for mopping up smaller enemies quicker. It's certainly convenient to make short work of them, but they're not difficult in the first place, so it's better to prioritize the others first.

In your Godly Powers menu, you'll have to be more sparing with your upgrades since they generally cost almost twice as much as the other abilities. For starters, you may want to invest in Herakles's Leap to close gaps, especially with airborne enemies that can be hard to reach any other way. Precision Control is also a good idea since it will help you steer your arrows with more precision for both puzzles and scoring headshots.

Blessings of the Gods

As mentioned, Blessings are granted by story progress as you help the four gods with their own quests to restore their powers. They can be tackled in any order, but knowing what each has to offer may help you plan your path through the game.

  • Aphrodite
    • Aphrodite's Embrace: Refills all Health chunks when Health is depleted in combat. 20 minute cooldown.
    • Aphrodite's Kiss: Being hit once does not reset the Combo Meter.
    • Aphrodite's Rapture: Ignores damage from the first hit taken after using any Buff Potions.
  • Ares
    • Ares's Command: Combo Meter lasts twice as long before resetting.
    • Ares's Prowess: The Wings of Daidalos is replenished after an Axe or Sword Air Combo finisher.
    • Ares's Fury: Combo Meter gains a fourth combo stage after 84 hits.
  • Athena
    • Athena's Guidance: Arrows refill twice as fast.
    • Athena's Draw: Bow shots can be charged even further to increase damage to 50.
    • Athena's Strike: Athena's Draw strikes up to 3 enemies with lightning on hit. Lightning deals an extra 25% damage.
  • Hephaistos
    • Hephaistos's Spark: Perfectly timed dodges create a spark that inflicts 44 damage to nearby enemies.
    • Hephaistos's Ingenuity: Perfectly timed parries create a fiery shockwave that inflicts 88 damage, 132 stun, and knocks back nearby enemies.
    • Hephaistos's Focus: Finishers gain an additional hit that deals 10% damage and has extra reach.

By far the most useful ability, especially early in the game, is the first from Aphrodite, Aphrodite's Embrace. The one-time full revival will bail you out of tricky battles and blunt the impact of powerful attacks you didn't see coming. It has a lengthy cooldown, but usually, you won't be getting into fierce battles often enough that it won't reset. Aphrodite is the closest god on the map when you exit the starting area, so this seems aimed at being one of the first abilities you find.

Another useful starting Blessing is the first from Hephaistos, called Hephaistos's Spark. You'll be dodging a lot, especially in the early game when you haven't built your upgrades around pulling off longer chains of combos. Giving you a small bit of bonus damage for a perfect dodge will help you learn the timing faster.

The least useful of the four is likely Athena's first Blessing, Athena's Guidance. Enemies in Immortals tend to close the gap on you, so arrows are pretty limited in their utility in general. You have a stock of six that refresh on a timer by default, and Athena helps them refresh faster. But the chances of going through six and needing more quickly is relatively low. Even Ares' first Blessing, Ares's Command, which helps you build more combo meter to gather more upgrade materials, is better on the whole.

Keep in mind that Blessings unlock sequentially. That means you can't unlock Ares's Prowess before unlocking Ares's Command, for example. Those unlocks will come naturally as you complete favors for the gods, which makes up the bulk of the single-player story in Immortals.

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