Immortals: Fenyx Rising Gets Crossover With, Wait, Uno?

The latest Fenyx Rising crossover brings some thematic elements and godlike gameplay to the classic card game.


Ubisoft has announced another crossover for Immortals: Fenyx Rising, and this time it's with another one of its popular games: Uno. You can download a Fenyx's Quest pack for the popular card game, which will give it a Greek mythology makeover.

In Fenyx's Quest, the cards and game board get a Fenyx-inspired aesthetic, and you can listen to the Immortals soundtrack as you play. In Fenyx's Quest mode, you'll be given a special cursed God card, which will give you a powerful passive ability. Your goal will be to free your cursed God to beat the curse of Typhon.

The passive God abilities are:

  • Aphrodite: Become immune to all damage from Typhon.
  • Hephaistos: For every three cards played, discard all cards of a specific color.
  • Athena: When opponent draws a card after not having a match, discard a random card.
  • Ares: Each time a card is played, two random cards of the same color are discarded.

The DLC costs $5 across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The company says it's coming soon to Stadia. If you purchase the Uno Ultimate Edition for $20, you'll get access to Fenyx's Quest along with all other Uno DLC.

This follows shortly Immortals had a different crossover with the Netflix series Blood of Zeus. That one lets you take on specially themed quests in Immortals to gain access to new cosmetics. The first major DLC expansion, A New God, is out now too.

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