Immortals: Fenyx Rising Gets Crossover Event With Netflix's Blood Of Zeus

You can take part in a limited-time Immortals: Fenyx Rising quest and grab a special character and weapon pack from the in-game store.


The Greek mythology-inspired game Immortals: Fenyx Rising is hosting a limited-time crossover quest with Netflix's similarly mythology-based series Blood of Zeus. You can try the new quest and purchase a character and weapon pack in the game now.

From now through January 28, you can take part in a new quest called "A Tribute to Family." You can access the beginning quest marker from the Hall of the Gods. You'll need to take on a Chimera and Cerberus, and once completed you'll earn an Eagle pendant and some new character customization options.

You can also purchase a few special Blood of Zeus items in the shop. A weapon pack (810 credits, or about $8) gets you themed skins for the sword, axe, and bow, while a character pack (1500 credits, or about $15) gets you a spiffy armor set, helmet, mount, wings, and phoenix. Those packs will remain available to purchase after the timed quest ends.

The crossover is especially appropriate as voice actor Elias Toufexis features prominently in both. The Canadian actor plays Prometheus in Immortals, and Seraphim in Blood of Zeus. The two also share a similar naming connection; Immortals was once called Gods & Monsters, while Blood of Zeus was originally titled Gods & Heroes.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising is getting a steady stream of new content with a season pass, starting with the "A New God" expansion. That one is available now, after a version 1.1 patch laid the groundwork for it earlier this month. It also offers a wide variety of cosmetic DLC similar to recent Assassin's Creed games, including a character pack based on the cartoon Adventure Time.

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