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Immortals Fenyx Rising Drops To $25 In Deal Of The Day, Including PS5 Version

You can take advantage of this deal on all consoles.


Immortals Fenyx Rising is GameStop's featured Deal of the Day, and it's on sale for a really great price. Today only, you can snag Ubisoft's latest IP for only $25 on PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X/Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Amazon is matching GameStop's price, but the cost will likely rise tomorrow at Amazon, too. The sale price even applies to the PS5-specific version of the game, which has already sold out once at Amazon and has since been restocked.

Immortals Fenyx Rising comes with a free next-gen upgrade to Xbox Series X or PS5. For Xbox users, there is only one edition to purchase, and it works on both platforms. PlayStation users can choose between a PS4 disc (upgrades to PS5) or the PS5 version, which is only compatible with PS5.

Immortals Fenyx Rising tells a lighthearted story about conquering Typhon and restoring the presence of the gods to the Greek mythology-inspired world. Fenyx can be played as either male or female, and throughout the adventure you acquire new upgrades that steadily make Fenyx quite powerful.

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Though Immortals Fenyx Rising follows Ubisoft's style of open-world games, it also has a Breath of the Wild vibe to it. It's a relatively streamlined open-world game filled with clever puzzles and fun combat scenarios.

It earned a 7/10 in our Immortals Fenyx Rising review. "Immortals Fenyx Rising is far from perfect--but it is good. It stumbles frequently as it explores Greek myths through a new lens, its best features are borrowed, and for as large and fun as its world is, it always feels like you're on a guided tour instead of really exploring it," critic Suriel Vazquez wrote. "But even as it lives in the shadow of better games, its puzzles, combat, and open-world loop come together often enough for me to not only see it through for a few dozen hours, but also want to keep filling out its almighty checklist, even if it led me by the nose most of the way through."

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